honey, you're so funny

Remember Lilu? She used to host TMI Thursday before she got all klassy and the series was cancelled.

Well, she writes another awesome meme-of-hillarity in which she regales us with "the shiz my boyfriend says."

This might have to become my newest Wednesday topic. Except, you know, I'll call mine "marital musings" or "hubs is hilar" or something. It's a work in progress.

See, hubs is constantly saying really funny things. Sometimes I think, I have got to write that down so I don't forget it! Then, I don't write it down and I forget it. This has been going on for weeksandweeks.

So, before it evades my memory, here is episode one:

During a typical Monday night -- Amber, watching The Bachelorette -- hubs, wishing he was not

Amber: "Come on, Chris L! Kiss her!!!"

Hubs: "But she's sick. Maybe he doesn't want to get her nasty phelm germs all up in his tonsils."

Amber: "Well, she was sick the night before on the group date, but that didn't stop Frank from kissing her. He was all, whatever you've got, give it to me. I want it."

Hubs: "Yeah, but he didn't realize, what's she got... is herpes."

*To be fair to hubs, it should be said that he was not all involved in watching the Bachelorette. He was fooling with something computer-game-ish that I don't understand. He does not love reality tv shows, and probably thinks the Bachelorette is the worst one of all. So, don't spread it around on the Internets that he was watching it closely enough to make snarky comments about it. I mean, that wouldn't be nice. It would embarrass him.


Jen said…
Amber you crack me up! The Bachelorette is a train-wreck that I must tune into every week, I can't help myself, and even though he isn't fully invested it still made me chuckle!

I think I'm going to very much enjoy this series!

Holy crap I'm #1 to comment! That never happens!
Simon C. Larter said…
My wife surfed past The Bachelawhorette the other day. I about karked during the rose ceremony.

I don't have anything else for you right now. The queasy is coming back just thinking about it.
Erin said…
i won't say a thing.. i know just how he feels, hell - I'M embarrassed to admit that i watch it and i'm a girl so i'm allowed to watch mindless reality tv!
Travener said…
I'm just glad that Ali gave the heave-ho to the weatherman, Jonathan. He was wired a little too tight for my taste.

Yes, I watch the damn thing! My daughter forces me to!
K-Tee said…
i think the 'proclamations my partner proclaims' would be hilarious. Yesterday, my fiancé decided he wanted to start writing jingles. Things like: "See you tonight, oh no we won't! Canadian Institute for the Blind." and "Welcome to the Keg Steakhouse! Tonight's meals are sponsored by the S.P.C.A."
So wrong. So funny. I am going to hell.
LiLu said…
B black-balled the Bachelor, and he lets me watch so much crap I can't really argue... but maybe I should try and force him to, just for the commentary fodder...
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
I think you must start it....heck i would have plenty of material to join in on the fun. Today as we sat in the airport waiting to come home we were discussing the Iberia airline gate next to us & i was explaining Iberia's flight from Madrid only comes a few times a week into PR & that the last one came the at 20:40 on sunday. My husband turns to me and asks is 20:40 military time AM or PM? lol Oh my.

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