injured amber, and baby bumpage... photos enclosed.

Yesterday was my nephew's first birthday party, and to celebrate his birth, the adults played a little volleyball in my sister's backyard. My sister, dad and I were trying to hold our own against my brothers-in-law and my hubster.

So, I made two amazing plays in a row. First, I had to slide on my knees to hit the ball -- I have the grass stains on my jeans to prove it -- and I got it across the net and scored a point for my team!

Soon after, I jumped to hit the ball and got us our serve back and stuff.

(I'm so sporty.)

Except, when I came down from the jump-move, I felt like I tweaked my right ankle a little. I was all, "I'm fine, I'll shake it off..."

So, I played another minute longer. Then, I reached down and felt this bulge to the left of my right knee.

I apparently burst a blood vessel or popped a vein or something.

I was pretty much terrified that I was going to die of a blood clot. Still kind of am. I'm going to see my OBGYN/ nurse tomorrow so she can check it out. For now, I'm home from work early -- elevating and icing my sore limb. It looks kinda purple and nasty.

Wanna see?

Also, those are my awesome Colts pajama pants.

Well, since you suffered through my sports injury story, I decided to take some baby bump photos... also for your viewing pleasure. Keep in mind that I'm aware that I shouldn't have worn white, and I basically just look like I have a huge muffintopspice. Thanks.

frontal view.

profile view

a fat
a growing and glowing blogger


Ashley Stone said…
hope your leg feels better soon! Cute baby bump!
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
Oh my have a bump already!?!?!?!?! So cute!
Thanks, Ashley!!

Lilly -- I know, I got big quick! I'm almost 14 weeks, though, so I guess it's time. Much like the universe, my uterus is expanding.
Jenna Wallace said…
Egads, woman! Don't you know that this is the time to be putting your feet up and having people wait on you? Not going for the Olympic vollyball gold!

Great bump! Remember, this is the only time in your life that getting bigger is better. Enjoy it!
What a cute little baby bump. Hope your leg feels better soon. Take care of yourself.
Your bump is so cute!!! I hope your leg feels better soon!
B.E. Sanderson said…
Ouch. I hope everything's okay with your leg. Congratulations on your cute bump. LOL How sad is it that I noticed you're wearing Colts shorts before I noticed your bump? I need football. ;o)
carissa said…
i LOVE LOVE LOVE your baby bump!!! LOVE~!
Melissa said…
Well, that just suckspice, doesn't it? Hope your let gets better soon:)

Aw, such a cute baby bump!
Iva said…


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