supersize me

God, I miss a lot of things about not being pregnant.

Like fitting into all of my pants, for instance.

Pardon me, but I'm feeling a little sensitive about my appearance. I found out that during the four weeks between my first two OB-gyno appointments... I've already gained a whopping five pounds.

Apparently, it's all in my middle. And I just don't mean my front-middle.

(You could land a jet plane on my ass.)

But, it's worth it -- because I'm making my own version of one of these:

Secretly, I hope my own little one turns out exactly like my niece. I mean, my little one has a lot of competition. Carley is the yinspice to my yang.

And sometimes, when we're at outdoor wedding receptions and she is watching the bride and groom dance their first dance as husband and wife, magic happens:

(this photo = lovesssssssspice)

So, come on, little baby-in-my-belly.

Turn out cute.

Or I will sell you on the black market and use the money to get liposuction.

*p.s. Mommy's kidding. She sometimes posts very funny, yet very unnecessary things. Usually, on Thursdays. When you get here, you definitely won't be reading Mommy's blog on Thursdays.*


Jen said…
Your niece is adorable! I bet your little one will be turning out just as cute and you'll be having all those wonderful mommy and baby time!!

But you are right... babyspice does not need to read your posts on Thursdays... I was so glad to see you weren't getting rid of them though! Keep bringing on TMI Thursdays! Woohoo!
Natalie Murphy said…
Lmao. You're cute. Way cute.

Christine Danek said…
Your niece is super cute. Ahh pregos as I used to call it. DOn't worry about the weight gain it's all for a super cute little baby. I do know how you feel. The weight does come off don't worry. :)
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
Oh love, you will be completely fantabulous no matter what sorta baby weight you put on! Just remember you can blame it ALL on baby bean.

I have always wondered, when i do decided to stock my candy factory baby maker with a little nugget of caramel...can i just stick it back in if it comes out a boy until it's little wang falls off & suddenly makes it into a girl? lol Just kidding - but seriously can I? I hear horror stories of boys pissing on momma! Ewwwww.
Travener said…
Lily -- pee is the easy part. When they're three and still not potty trained it when the real grossarama comes to town.

Amb -- hope things are going well (other than your enormous ass) and that your little one remains forever cute!
Vicki Rocho said…
Congrats on the baby brewing! Your niece is such a cutie, those kind of genes run in families, so get ready to have the most adorable baby in the history of ever!
Ashley Stone said…
enjoy it, it's the one time in your life when gaining weight isn't a bad thing!!! And I'm sure your lil bundle will be adorable!
How could your potato not be adorable?
Melissa said…
Now you know your baby is gonna be cutespice. She has got to be like her mama;)

And seriously, don't worry about all that weight. Just think it's for the baby and it WILL come off.

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