TMI Thursday: fabrications

This one time, when I was twelve or something, I called in to the local version of the Delilah-love-song radio request and dedication show and requested Bryan Adams' Heaven. It went out to Kevin from Jennifer. I didn't have the guts to dedicate a song to the boy I really liked, nor did I even use his name or my own name.

(I mean, I doubt he was listening to the sappy-80's-love-song station anyway.

Also, I used to pretend I was dating the white guy from the band All-4-One.

No, I mean, I would sit outside on the steps of the deck at my parents' house and have full on conversations with him.

I remember making a video tape recording of them singing I Swear on some talk show (pretty sure it was Regis and Kathy Lee) and watching it over and over and over again.

Who were your TMI childhood crushes? What lies did you dream up as a child?


Awww *grin* I remember doing things like that! I had a crush on Nick from the backstreet boys (SOOO over that now *lol*) though I did prefer Kevin but i felt he was too old (oh so sensible *hee*) and there were various actors that caught my eye ;p
Travener said…
Man, I'm still dreaming up lies! But I can't think of any good ones from childhood or adolescence. Isn't *that* sad?
For me it was Joey McIntyre - New Kids on the Block. *sigh* I had a crush on him for a while, but then I watched Dirty Dancing and traded Joey in for Patrick Swayze.

Thanks for the encouragement to reminisce. :)
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
I agree with Jessica - Joey McIntyre from KNOB...i was deadpan i was going to marry him & in 1st grade i had thought i would marry MJ & had the thriller record (yes i said record) & would sleep with it at nite. (You would have thought this might have been the first clue to my mother that her daughter was going to chase darker boys. lol)

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