TMI-Thursday: Friday Edition

God, I suck at blogging lately.


A few things:

I've got to stop watching those baby shows on the Discovery Health Channel. Most episodes are graphic, stress-inducing, and wrap up with happy endings that make me cry.

Baby Dreams
I had a dream last night that my baby was born, like, yesterday. He was a boy, but he was the size of a toddler and could pretty much walk and talk. I was like, "What do you want your name to be?" He had a big nose. He looked a lot like hubs side of the family. I sort of woke up in a cold sweat.

Number Two
For the first time in two days... this morning...

It was heavenspice.

Hubs and I got busy a couple of nights ago. The reason I was willing is because he bribed me with the last ice cream drumstick. I'm like a chocolate prostitute. He paid me in the form of a frozen treat for sex.

Yes, that is hillarious. However, the official TMI part is that the sexy-time was even more enjoyable than usual. Maybe there is something to be said for preggers sex afterall.

I know you love TMI Thursdays as much as I do.

And you're welcome.


laurel said…
If it were a one-armed hobo trying to bribe you with ice cream, then I'd be worried, but the hubster? Nah. It's just foreplay. :-)

I had crazy dreams while PG--like giving birth to a fuzzy peach-colored baby girl (think Muppet) that we named Velva. Where the heck did I get that name? The cheapo-aftershave all the HS boys wore, Aqua Velva??
Jen said…
Oh my lord I love you!!! I am never disappointed when visiting your blog!

Happy to hear that preggers sexy time is even more enjoyable! Guess it can be considered as one of the benefits especially since you're also figuring out that bad things about it!

Happy Friday!
Jen said…
PS I'm still laughing about the chocolate prostitue comment!
Travener said…
Oh, how I wish that chocolate thing worked on the spousal unit. Or an Oreo. A glass of wine. An apple. Gum. Water. Air...
Talli Roland said…
A chocolate prostitute! It's as good a reason as any... :)
Melissa said…
Just wait until you're really big and the hubs tries to bribe you! What will you do?
Vicki Rocho said…
I love this post! I became a raving nymphomaniac during my pregnancies. Especially the 2nd trimester. Warn your hubby...or might get more treats out of him. hahahah
I love TMI posts. And I've missed you, so I'm glad you've checked in. :)
Travener said…
Hey, I left a treat on my blog just for you and you haven't stopped by to look at it yet!

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