Vacationgate 2010

Hubs has decided to go with my family and me to Destin next month! (He says he told me that he "would go" on the day I told him I was pregnant, which was smack in the middle of Vacationgate, when hubs did not want to go... nor did he want me to go and stay in my parents' condo for free. If you'll recall, I was going to go regardless.)

So, I booked our condo today. Instead of me going for free, hubs and I are both going and spending $749.00 for the condo alone. Hubs didn't want to be left out after all. But, you know. It's cool. This will be our last babyless vacation.

Who needs new windows anyway?

2010 Reading Challenge

May was a productive reading month. I've now read a total of 34 books this year. If I can read 16 books in the month of June, I'll be halfway to my goal of 100 books for this calendar year. Word. (Or, should I say... words?)


Still slim to none since learning I am "with child" eight-ish weeks ago. My head is burried in the sand.

Location of Cord Necessary to Move Digital Photos from Camera to Computer

Alledgedly in the glove compartment of the hubster-mobile. I keep forgetting to check for it. I need to, though, so I can post some expanding-belly-pics in the near future.

Coolness Factor of this Post

Negative four.



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Who do the Math?

You do the Math.


Sorry I'm so lamespice.
It's probably my pregnancy hormones.


I love how this randomly flowed into a numbers game.
Jen said…
Yikes! I bet I wasn't one of those 5 comments - shame on me - I still think you're cool by the way!

I have 450+ followers and on a regular basis I have about 20-40 comments... so it's not like it gets much better the higher you are!
Melissa said…
Love how your hubs caved in! There's no telling what you could get him to do now:) My hubs was the same way when I was preggers with the first kid, but as soon as she got here it was back to the usual he-always-wants-to-have-his-way stuff.

And yes, definitely enjoy your last kidless vacation. I love my kids, but I'd do most anything to get away somewhere for a few days child-free.
carissa said…
I'm glad hubs is going with you!! I have been lamespice lately, but I don't think your life qualifies as that. Afterall, you are with child which is pretty rad. I have only read like 3 books this year and your number on that just made me feel reallllly jealous. I am reading the physick book of deliverance dane right now, which i can't put down.. and you should read that next! You seem to have similar taste in books as me.
Ashley Stone said…
haha I've totally been feeling like my blog has been majorly lameo lately. I'm still quite enjoying your blog though!!!

Glad you get to go to Destin before the baby comes.

; )
Natalie Murphy said…


Glad the whole fam is going on vacation =)
B.E. Sanderson said…
I'm glad vacation-gate got worked out. Enjoy your last kid-free vacation and a have a blast in the Gulf. :sigh: I miss the ocean. I'm so jealous. Destin is beautiful.

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