wednesday on my mind; gender guessy (one-day only!) giveaway

Tomorrow is the big day! I'm scheduled for an ultrasound at my 16-week OBGYN appointment. At my last visit, my Dr. told me that her ultrasound tech can "almost always" determine the sex at 16 weeks! She told me so that I could be prepared to find out (i.e. invite hubs to come with me) and to decide whether or not we want to find out the sex ahead of time.

(We do! We do!)

So, tomorrow morning I'll get to find out if I'm having a boy (squee) or a girl (SQUEESPICE!) baby.

(I'll be happy either way. In some ways, I'm sure a boy would be ideal. He would be all protective of me, and I would get to dance with him at his wedding some day, and boy sports are waaay more fun than girl sports. Boys would probably be cheaper. Etc.)

(But I secretly really, really, really would love a girl.)

So, all-knowing blog world, place your bets below! Here's the skinny (oh, ironic adjective) on my pregnancy to help you determine your guess!

* Chinese gender chart predicts girl: I was 29 years old when I conceived, and I conceived in the month of March.
* Morning sickness from week 7-14
* Cravings: carbs, desserts, salads, sweet tea
* Weight gain: more than 5 pounds... but not that much more!
* Hubs family: alllllll boys. Seriously. No girl babies on his dad's side in the past 40+ years.
* Carrying: high-ish? I mean, I don't know. It's kind of hard to tell. I just look wide, mostly.

So, throw out your predictions and you'll be entered in my genderspice giveaway. What's the prize?

I can't tell you! It's top secret. But, isn't getting surprise-mail fun?

So, you should enter.

Results and winner shall be posted tomorrow! Get busy. One guess per entrant. You have to guess the sex correctly to get an entry, unless you tweet or blog about the giveaway, in which case you'll get two entries in spite of getting the gender in question right or wrong.... but  let me know in the comments how many entries I should give you, okay?


Don't make me 'splain it again.

Disclaimer: let's say that I don't find out tomorrow. My appointment could get postponed. It's happened before. Or perhaps my little one will have his or her legs crossed or something. In that case, the contest will continue, and the winner will be announced at a later date, TBD. But, let's not think about the possibility that I won't find out tomorrow. That would just suck balls. Or fallopian tubes, depending.


~*~Lilly~*~ said…
Hmmmmm....but it's so hard to guess if you will have a goalie or cheerleader! I am going to go with GIRL! Cause well other then that being your secret desire, i know nothing about predicting babies and all that junk. :o)

Good luck!!
Jen said…
Oh my gosh I am so excited for you!!! What a fun game and I love surprises!!!

Okay so I'm going with Lilly on this one and wishing for a GIRL! It's about time you break the mold on his families side and produce a baby girl to break the spell!!! Don't wanna be a follower do you?!

Give me +2 points because I'll post this on my sidebar!!! Hopefully not sending too much love your way so I win!
Jenna Wallace said…
I'm getting a boy vibe. Sorry -- that's just the way it is. Or isn't. But one thing's for sure... it will definitely be a baby. Yay!
MJenks said…
None of those matter at all. It's all about the size of Mr. Murphy's package, depending on how close he can deliver to the point of impact.

Since X's are bigger chromosomes, girl-conceiving sperm swim slower, therefore need to cover less ground in a shorter amount of time. Therefore, if Senor Murphy is packing a howitzer, you'll be having a girl.

What's that you say? Oh, why yes, my oldest child IS a girl. How very kind of you to remember.
Vicki Rocho said…
I vote girl. Just going with the first thing that came to me. Here's hoping the little angel cooperates and you are able to get a good look tomorrow!

I should consult my daughter because she was right with both her younger siblings. She also reads my mind on a freakishly frequent basis. She's got some kinda psychic thing goin' on.
pinkflipflops said…
I really only like to guess if I see pictures.. but i will do it anyway..

Christine Danek said…
I'm going to say girl. How exciting! Can't wait to hear!
B.E. Sanderson said…
Because everything in me says you're going to have a boy, I'm pretty sure you're having a GIRL. (Based on the certainty of my own failure rate at guessing.)

Good luck at the ultra sound.
jayme said…

I DON'T KNOWWW! i'm so exciteddd i'm so exciteddd i'm just so ... scared !

okay, fine, i think it's a boy. there, you have it.

jayme said…
wait, nevermind, i bet it's a girl.

gahhh i hate these games!
Jayme, Due to your first comment, I will henceforth be calling you Jessie Spano. kthanxbye.
How did I miss this gem of a contest?! I'm so sorry you didn't find out today. My fingers are crossed for Friday and I hope hope hope you find out!!!!

My predictions is..... BOY! :)

Good luck! :)
Natalie Murphy said…
Because I think a little Amberspice would be SO FREAKING CUTE, I'm voting girl.
Rose Cooper said…
I am almost without a doubt so positive you're having a GIRL! I had three boys and I was opposite you for all of those things, that's how I came to my guess. Also in my husbands family, ALL boys EVERYWHERE, but his brother had a gir. It can happen. I'm also posting this on my blog sidebar, and tweeting and facebooking. So that's how many points? lol

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