the bun in my oven is now half-baked (no, wait... that doesn't sound right)

This morning I went to my 20 week appointment with my OBGYN. It pretty much amounted to an hour of wait time in which I felt guilty for reading THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO instead of parenting magazines. My reward: a few precious seconds of hearing a little heartbeat on a fetal monitor.

So, yeah. It was still cool.

I scheduled my next ultrasound -- Tuesday, August 10th! This should be baby-boy-or-baby-girl day. Oh, the anticipationspice!

Update on yesterday's post: overwhelmingly, you readers do not dig the M & M motif for my future infant. Don't worry -- I'm on your side. If only hubs knew about my blog, I could explain that by popular opinion, they've gotta go. Perhaps I should do a facebook poll. Ohh, I know... I'll post it on The Bump. Those ladies will rip it apart. They take no prisoners.

Le sigh. I must haul my bump back to the workplace.


Dena Daw said…
ha! This title reminded me of this!
Ashley Stone said…
so exciting, can't wait to hear the sex of the baby! Are you liking girl with the dragon tattoo? I loved it! I was contacted by the examiner about being a vegetarian examiner, haha. Did they write you?
@ dena -- that link had me in stitches!

@ ashley -- i hadn't heard anything as of yesterday morning. hmm. might be because i had two typos in my bio, which i discovered right after submitting!

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