the girl who stopped swimming, but wouldn't stop reading

Ahh... I'm reading the best book right now. The main characters are named David and Laurel -- the same names as two of my very own characters in my will-she-really-ever-finish-writing-it WIP.

Anyway. The book is called THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING and it has been likened to THE LOVELY BONES.

It's fantastic so far -- 85 pages in, and I'm. in. love.

I'm off to read more, but before I go...

I haven't really bragged about the sheer awesomespice number of books I've read in 2010 for awhile. It's time to share:

With a goal of 100, I'm on book number 54!

While I apparently threw out my writing goals along with the used-pregnancy tests I took (hubs said it was just icky-weird to save those as mementos -- also, is that like thowing out the baby with the bath water? -- I never understood that cliche. Anyway. This parenthetical aside has spiraled out of control.) it appears that I just might succeed in my reading goals this year.

I rock at something!


KarenG said…
Isn't it such a gift to fall in love with a book? I'll look forward to a review :)
MJenks said…
You have to think about a time when you didn't drain your bath water, you opened up the back door and chucked the dirty bath water out.

So, throwing baby (something precious) out with the bathwater (something used or dirty or unwanted) is a bad thing.
Ashley Stone said…
awesome! Will have to look into that book. I haven't found a book since "Girl with the dragon tattoo" that's really kept my attention. I've started a few but always end up going to my default books... the Twilight series, which I am now on my 3rd tour of. Pa.the.tic.

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