i'm back with a random vengeance. clearly.

This afternoon, I lulled away the day. Yes, I'm off work again... I have to be there this Saturday, so I was entitled to the shedding of a few hours today, an attempt to keep overtime to a minimum.

That's just fine with me.

I meant to come home and take a nap. (That's always on my agenda. Clearly.) Instead, I caught up on my google reader -- or at least made a hell of an attempt to do so -- read a bit of a novel, watched obscene amounts of a three-hour-long, DVR-ed episode of Big Brother After Dark on SHO-time. (This was, in fact, so mind-numbing that it was almost like napping.)

So is the story of my life: watch hours tick away while I make little progress: maternal, writerly, or otherwise. It occurs to me that I probably need to learn how to do things, like, I don't know, install a car seat. Or perhaps start a babyspice-registry. Or scope out day-care centers.

Instead, I just made a king-sized Snickers my bitch and poured myself a Sweet Tea. Ahh, my new drug of choice: the sugar coma.

p.s. Is that really how you spell vengeance?


Jen said…
Bahaha your day sounds fantastic... Let's do it again tomorrow shall we?

I love Big Brother it is addicting and after being shown jokersupdates.com I'm now officially updated on all things Big Brother whenever I want... ridiculous how much time I have on my hands at times.

Sweet tea and snickers, yes my love that certainly is wonderful!
MJenks said…
V is for Vengeance.

And other happy things.

Like Vendetta.

What were you thinking?

I spent four hours the other day watching House. I was alone, had no one to bother me, some projects to complete, and yet I was compelled by the strange-diagnosis-of-the-hour-accompanied-by-shitty-bedside-manner for four hours.

And I regret none of it.
staceyjwarner said…
loved your comment on Showtime After Hours BB, LOL!

I can imagine how mind numbing it must be.

I'm back to writing, hope on by the respite for a peek.

much love
Sounds like a perfect day to me! Here's some advice you don't have to take: Once Baby arrives, you'll crave days like this one, but probably won't get many. ENJOY as many as you can!! :D You'll become an expert multi-tasker with your on-the-job-mommy-training, so I say enjoy the single pleasures life has to offer while you're preggers!

*raises her Snickers in toast* Here's to naps and mind-numbing TV!

((hugs)) Nicole :))
Natalie Murphy said…
LOL! You're adorablespice. And I missed you.
Travener said…
You did not waste the whole day. Part of it you spent entertaining us.
Ashley Stone said…
love it. I do that all of the time, and I'm not even making a human!
B.E. Sanderson said…
Get copies of the "What to Expect When..." books. They have pretty much everything you need to learn about being pregnant and taking care of your baby. Then you'll have the big maternal education stuff out of the way and you can watch mindless TV to your heart's content. (Although scoping daycare centers is still a pretty big job.) My mother's theory is the more time spent relaxing while you're pregnant, the more relaxed your baby will be when she comes out.

It worked for me. I just wish my daughter would've stayed that relaxed for 18 yrs. LOL

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