a sober vacation: or, in which i drank o'douls

Vacation was a complete and utter... success! Let's not talk about getting up this morning -- although I have enjoyed returning to the workforce with bronzed arms and legs.
This was day one: pre-bronzed body parts.

The baby-makers.

Impregnated, designated driver.

View from our balcony. Note the clear water... but also note the lack of beach. This has nothing to do with the oil spill... apparently the shore has just eroded. They are supposed to get replacement sand... eventually. It was actually kind of nice: no trudging across hot, dry sand to get to the salt water!

Seriously, though. Lack of beachspice.

With a beach buddy like this, though... who could complain about anything?

Well, bloggy world: I'm back. What have I missed in your lives? Which posts in my overflowing google-reader are can't miss? Who missed me the mostest?


Jen said…
I DID, I DID! I missed you the most!!! Can't you tell???

Great bronzed body Amber!!! Looking hot going back to work!!! Love the pictures, she is such a cutie, I know you'll have fun with your own.

Babymakers pic was my favorite, purely because of the title!
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
We missed you lady but are glad you had a fabulous time! Where the heck did you go? looks fabulous & right up my alley!
Travener said…
You look rested. Good. Now, get back to blogging.
Natalie Murphy said…
Woohoo! Im glad you had fun!!! *hugs*
MJenks said…
You bronze very well.

You wear your bronze very well.

Welcome back!
Simon C. Larter said…
Welcome back. Pretty much every post I posted while you were gone was made of win. Yes. :D
Ashley Stone said…
welcome back!!! Looks like you had a great time! I'm uber jealous of your bronzed self!
carissa said…
It looks like you had a grand ole time!! I laughed at the Odouls pic!
B.E. Sanderson said…
Welcome back! You look awesome, you and your fellow babymaker look so happy, and that niece of yours is a doll. I'm glad you had an awesome, alcohol-free vacation. =o)

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