TMI Thursday: nah, just a regular post

TMI Thursday is becoming a chore. As much as I love to regale you with my tales of woespice and irresponsibility, these moments of insanity are now fewer and farther between as I can no longer use alcohol as fodder for my blog-worthy behavior. This morning I was all, Aw, man: it's Thursday. What do I have for my TMI post? Nothing.

So, perhaps I'll just post TMI's sporatically for the next few.

Sorry to disappoint. *hangs head.*

In normal news, my vacation starts as soon as I leave the bank tomorrow evening! Hoorayyyyyspice. I'm so ready for fun in the sun. I need a break, and I can't wait to arrive in Destin early Sunday morning. My niece and I have plans for lots of pool time. We even practiced on Memorial Day weekend. Please review:

always pose by the pool in a cute dress.

hold on to aunt amber for dear life.

remove mascara before getting in next time. (applies to aunt amber only. obvi.)

Wear bikini to infuriate daddy, pappaw, and uncle murph!
(only applies to carley; clearly aunt amber will not be showing off a bare preggers midsection. come on now. that would be trashy.)


Jen said…
Carley is adorable and stylish, for which I have much love for her! Very fashionable and senseable!

It's okay that you aren't up to the challange of TMI Thursday, being preggers and in vacation mode doesn't help!

Enjoy your fun in the sun :)
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
What a cute & fabulous PP (pool partner)! lol :o) Enjoy Vacay & Get some sun for me!
MJenks said…
Ah, pictures of Aunt Amber in the pool and wearing appropriate pool clothing.

Thursday just suddenly got happier.
Ashley Stone said…
cute pics! Have fun on your vacay!!!!
You two are so cute. Have fun on the vacation. :)

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