worth some examination

Do you guys know about The Examiner?

It's a pretty awesome city-specific website. In addition to news and weather, you can search articles written by experts called (obviously enough) Examiners. I just checked out the Louisville Writing Careers Examiner, a gal named Jessica Hastings.

(A few of you will love to know that her most recent post was on Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maas.)

The Examiner is hiring. There are a list of topic available in your city of choice, or you can add a topic that interests you if you don't find your preference listed.

I submitted a bio, some personal information, and a writing sample over the weekend, and hope to become a First Time Mom Examiner, or the Louisville Book Examiner.

I have no idea what the pay scale is, but I figured it was worth looking into. A little suplemental income never hurt anyone expecting a baby!

Let me know if you're heard anything about The Examiner -- or if you have tried out the website before, let me know what you think.


Tina Lynn said…
Never heard of it. You'll have to keep me posted.
Ashley Stone said…
never heard of it but I checked it out, very cool! I submitted to be Louisville's Vegetarian Examiner, haha!!!

Hope you get it!

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