bring out your 1.) novocaine and 2.) percocet

It's been a rough day.

See, there are a few things in life I'm scared of. I've talked about my fear of flying before, but there are a few fears which I haven't blog-fessed-up to. Until now.

1.) I'm scared when people in the passenger's seat of my car touch the airbag. Like, seriously, don't put your feet up on it if you ever want to ride with me again.

Just don't. I'm afraid it will go off, burning your face and probably totaling my car because the things are so damned expensive to replace. Or so I've heard. (And for the record, I've had this air-bag fear since my high school days, and well before one deployed near my face in my a-deer-hit-me-on-the-highway-wreck in May of 2000.)

Whew. I'm glad I let that out. But it was merely a digression. Read on, friends. Read on.

2.) I'm scared of oral dental surgery. That's why I still have all four of my mostly-impacted wisdom teeth. And that's why when I chipped a tooth months ago (before the pregnancy test came back positive!) I did NOTHING about it other than start cleaning it out with my tongue after eating practically anything.

So, yeah. I suck at life and all things orthodontal. (Plus, I had the pallate expander and braces... haven't I paid my dental dues?!)

Then, recently, two things happened:

1.) intense, throbbing pain around the broken molar in the very back of my mouth.
2.) the realization that if the area is infected, I might be putting the little baby girl inside me at risk.

I knew something had to be done. I was convinced that I would have it pulled when I found out that was one option and that a root canal was the other.

However, this morning, a dentist I trust and respect changed my mind, and I got the root canal, and it wasn't all that bad... except I'm pretty sure it startled the baby, who kicked the shi# out of me the entire time and made me have to pee.

Plus, I got:

1.) Friday off work.
2.) ...and painkillers! Whee! Trippin'spice.

(Nah, for reals. I haven't even taken any pain medicine yet except tylenol. I just talk a big game.)


Jen said…
Go you!!! I understand all about oral surgery and it blows! This year I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled and I was TERRIFIED. Luckily it took like a matter of seconds (totally drugged off my mind) and now no more pain.

However the hellaicious experience I went through I hope to never have another experience like it. You see I have a small frame and with that it works just like alcohol... I'm easy, one drink and I'm trashed, one pain killer and I'm over the toilet puking my guts out.

Having TMJ doesn't help any and after just having oral surgery doesn't exactly make throwing up any easier. Jaw pain was severe and for five days I was a mess.

Wow thanks for taking me down memory lane (and not a good memory) Now I'm off to KFC... I know delicious, right?
Natalie Murphy said…
Ugh, I hate dentists too. They disturb me. I hate the taste I always get in my mouth when they clean *shudders* Not to mention, I think if someone wants to hang out in peoples mouths all day, they've got to be wacked. Sooo....
Ashley Stone said…
oh I hate going to the dentist too! I had to have oral surgery back in high school when I fell in the gym at broke 5 of my teeth.... it was majorly traumatic, haha... so now I am super paranoid.

Glad it went okay for you!!!

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