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Epic August Contest

Roni (my favorite fiction groupie) and Julie Cross (another awesome blogger) are giving away a multitude of prizes, tag team style.

This week alone, you can win:

Hannah Moskowitz's Break
Lisa Desrocher's Personal Demons (ARC)
A query or first five pages critique from Fine Print Lit's intern, Gemma Cooper
A query or first five pages critique from Janet Reid's assistant, Meredith Barnes
A query or first five pages critique from agent Suzie Townsend
A query or first five pages critique from editor Brendan Deneen

Enter here. Enter now (or by Sunday, August 8) so that you'll have a chance to win!

Store Your Liquor

Also, Ashley over at As a Matter of Opinion... is giving away a really cute winerack. Wanna see it?

Cute, right? (And, if you're Simon Larter, don't worry... I'll bet you could substitute vodka bottles instead of wine. A vodka rack. What a novel idea!)

So, click here to enter. Or, don't, and I'll have a better chance to win. Muhahahahahahahaaaaaah.


A Little Pimpin' of My Ownself

Please click here and read my latest Louisville New Moms article on (It's a featured article on the main Louisville page right now. It's so exciting. Well, that might be because I made all my coworkers read it earlier. Hmm. Whatever works!)

Also, if you haven't already, you need to guess whether or not I'm having a boy or a girl. Because my next ultrasound is a week from today... and when I find out if I'm on Team Blue of Team Pink, my vague-contest (no one knows what the prize will be) will end immediatelyspice.

Deets from original post:
Get busy. One guess per entrant. You have to guess the sex correctly to get an entry, unless you tweet or blog about the giveaway, in which case you'll get two entries in spite of getting the gender in question right or wrong.... but let me know in the comments how many entries I should give you, okay?

To simpify your life, you can enter my contest in the comments on this post. Right here, right now. Do it.


Jm Diaz said…
I think it is awesome what you've been doing with the examiner. I've seen your FB post, I feel all proud of you and stuffesses...
Ashley Stone said…
I think it's a boy!!!! : )
Thanks, Diaz. Awww... warm fuzzies.

Ashley -- you do?! We'll see.. ;)
Simon C. Larter said…

And that is rather a fetching wine rack. Although my preferred storage location for my vodka is the freezer. This will be that much simpler after this week, since we've added a chest freezer in the basement. Lots of room for wokda, da? :)
Anonymous said…
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