do not disturb...

Yeah, so while I was home at lunch today I wrote this super-cute blog post about how today is my two-year anniversary. I even thoughtfully linked all three of the past blog posts which have the wedding pictures. There was an adorablespice "do not disturb" image, too.

It was all very posh and romantical.

Then, at the end of the post, I linked a picture of the two of us. But it was completely heinous, so I went to remove it.

And when I did, my entire post DISAPPEARED. And I tried to exit out before blogger saved said BLANK mother-lovin' post, but the damage was done.

An entire post. Eaten for lunch. By blogspot.


Yup, it's just been that kind of week. Our air conditioner is on the fritz, and it's currently 82 god forsaken degrees in my house.

Plus, I am so hormonal, I could kick a puppy.

Hubs better not expect sex tonight in this sweltering climate. (Were hubs to read this, he would probably say he's waaay past expecting sex. I thought libido picked up during the second trimester of pregnancy. Apparently, I was mistaken.)

The "do not disturb" sign is no longer necessary. I should just go ahead and retitle this post.

Ain't love grand?


Jen said…
OH Amber you poor thing! Stupid F************* blogger (yes I realize there were more astrics, but who the F*** cares!)

I know the feeling!! You and I are on the same wave-length (minus the pregnancy).

I hope your night is sexless... have a cookie to help keep your spirits up... no one wants to see you kick a puppy.
Vicki Rocho said…
Happy anniversary! Blogger did that to me with an awards know how much copy/paste/linking you have to do for one of those suckers? Just as it was finished, it disappeared. The good (sorta) news is, I found it buried in my drafts folder a few weeks later.
Ashley Stone said…
sorry. : ( Hope your week gets better, please don't kick any puppies!!! haha.

ND said…
Amber, I love you. Please do not kick puppies. They fine you for that (or put you in jail depending on how hard you kick said puppy. Jail is no place for a hormonal lady. Unless, of course, they have air conditioning). Eat some candy, read a book, and make hubs make dinner. That should set things right :)
Susan R. Mills said…
Well, Happy Anniversary! I've had blogger eat my posts several times. Don't you wonder where they went?
Jennie Bailey said…
Amber that sucks the big one! I'm only laughing at your expense because I'VE BEEN THERE (minus the pregnancy). Doesn't it just seem to POUR when it rains? Everything is smoooooth sailing, then it all hits at once. I guess it's better that way, though. If we had one bad thing a week, it would seem never ending! Forget kicking the puppies. Kick a stupid person instead. You'd be doing the world a favor. ;-) Actually, chocolate. Lots of it. It's not bad when you only indulge in a bunch in one evening! Here's to hoping you have a fantastic weekend to make up for all this. And Happy Blogiversary!
carissajaded said…
Ahh I hope you're feeling better! I know that kind of day though, I've had that kind of week.. and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

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