Friday Five

1. I'm going to run over my neighbor's cat. Not on purpose. It won't be my fault. See, he likes to lounge in my driveway (the cat, not the neighbor) and when I try to pull my car into said driveway, the damn cat does not budge.

I actually had to stop at the top of my driveway yesterday and shoo him to get him to skedoodle.

And that was a lot of work. So, I'm considering accidental-looking cat murder.

2. I felt really fat today, and I kept complaining about mentioned it. In front of an obese coworker. Then, I felt insensitive and fat.

3. Is anyone else watching Big Brother? Or am I the only one? Anyone planning on watching Bachelor Pad? It starts Monday and I am already salivating over the impending sleeze.

4. Seriously, I love writing for Check out all the articles I've written so far here. (Also, read my super cute bio. It rocks, if I do say so myself.)

5. Something in my kitchen reekslikeass. It might be my leftover-leftovers from PF Changs. Yikesspice. I have to go do the dishes now, or my husband will yell at me when he gets home from work.


KarenG said…
I felt fat today too. Maybe it was the 12 dozen choc chip cookies I made. MADE not ATE, but just smelling them made me feel fat.
MJenks said…
You better have those shoes off while doing them dishes, woman.
Ashley Stone said…
you are hilarious. Don't run over the poor kitty!!!!! He's just loungin! ; )

You are rocking out examiner!!!! I've only done 3 articles so far, you have done a ton!!!!

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