i miss blogging on the regular

Oh, I've just been so busy, though... and I hate to just pop in for a quickie post. See, this whole writing for examiner.com thing takes up my lunch hour now. That time used to be reserved for blogging.

Le sigh. I've sold you out for a paying gig. (Um, so far... it's not paying much. So don't get too excited.)
Check me out, though. Today, I wrote about Birth Plans.

And so far, my most popular article was about these quintuplets born in Louisville about a week ago.

So, that's cool... but I miss you guys!


Fear not! I will still shower you with lovespice. There's plenty of me to go around. (There's even more of me than there was before, thanks to all this pregnancy weight.)

Let's see... here are some random updates.

* When deleting spammy comments from my posts, I often think to myself "how ruuuude" a la Stephanie Tanner's Full House days. God, she was adorable before she bacame a crack whore.

* It feels odd, but I am currently reading... nothing! I'm allowed though, because I am at 61 books for 2010! I'm 39 books away from my goal with 4.5 months left in the year. I can doooo it!

* Reason I ain't readin' nothin': I took my library books back yesterday, Sunday, and the joint was closed. I can't afford to buy anything. No, for reals. I can't even afford Half Price Books, because I mean... well, even if I got 40 books at $2.00 each... that would be $80.00.

* Re: expendable income/ a.k.a spending money
   Now non-existant due to impending baby human.

* Take pity on me and send me your used books! Hell, just make a cash donation to my pay pal account.

I kid, I kid.

* Unless you're interested.


Tina Lynn said…
I miss my amberspice. I do need a beta. You don't have to pay me :)
Melissa said…
Lol, Amber! That suckspice!

You can finish Visions if you want to (but let me revise it first). Got to get rid of all that "breathing" you found before;)
Jen said…
Hi Amber!!! I can't believe you sold us out *whimpers* it's not fair *stomps feet*

You're missed :)
Travener said…
Give us a little now and then, dearie. We can't get enough of our Amber.

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