outlet. for. pregnancy. hormones. (or, a negative review of Walgreens)


I go to Walgreens pretty often. I used to visit my local Walgreens like every other day, because it was in walking distance from the location where I worked, and was super convenient for a secret smoke break (before pregnancy, thankyouverymuch) or an oft needed mid-day infusion of Munchos or caffeine (uh, also before pregnancy. Well except for the Munchos. I still devour those.)

Anyway, I digress. Sometimes I do that when I tell stories. And when I'm mad.

The people at my Walgreens are almost always really nicespice. This cute old man works there and he has an infectious smile. A cute old lady always mentions it when she has a coupon available for an item in my cart.

I love the checkout people at Walgreens. And I love the elderly.

Usually, the pharmacy staff at my chosen Walgreens are also very helpful, decent human beings. Yeah, they get busy, but they are still awesome.

Except for today.

See, I dropped off a prescription (baby and I are fine, don't worry. Nothing big; I'm not even sick) in the drive thru and went on my merry way. When I came back, I pulled up to the outside drive thru lane. Now, I'm not a huge fan of the outside lane because there isn't a window, and I like a little face time with the service industry. (If I wanted to deal with a pill-o-max or whatever, I would just apply to work with Nurse Jackie.) But, the window-lane was taken, so I decided I would use lane two. Obvi.

I pushed the help button, since sometimes two pharmacy techs work there. I've been there. I know.

Do you want to know what this heinous bleep said to me?

"...helping lane one..."

And that was it. No "I'll be right with you" or "Hi, how are you?"

I. was. livid!

I immediately pretended that I misunderstood and thought lane two was closed. I put my little Vibe (love ya, Bella!) in reverse and got behind the car in lane one. I wanted this little pharmacy skanks name. I wanted her blood. (Well, okay. That's taking it a little far.)

When it was my turn, I couldn't read her name tag because it was hanging sideways off her little Walgreens apron and was kind of hidden in the crevice of her arm.

"Yes?" She had the phone-with-the-microphone resting between her shoulder and her ear. She looked thoroughly bored. She made no eye contact with me.

"Picking up." I decided that two-could-play-this-terse-game.


"35486531 where i live street."

"$10.00." (Score! At least it was cheap.)

I swear I threw my checkcard in that little bin. Then, for good measure, I rolled my eyes. She probably didn't even see me.

When she gave me my medication and receipt, she did not say thank you. She did, for some unknown reason, tell me to have a good day. LIKE SHE CARED.

I decided she deserved NOTHING from me. So, I did not speak. She is cut off. Donespice.

See, the thing is -- I might be a banker, but I work in customer service. We know that people can choose to bank anywhere they want. We always welcome our customers, ask if there is anything else we can assist with, thank them for their business... we always use their names. We always smile and focus on our customers. These things seem second nature to me -- simple. Like breathing. Or like writing about being pissed off at a Walgreens employee who needs a serious attitude adjustment, and could also use highlights.


pinkflipflops said…
:::backs away from the hormonal pregnant lady:::
I'm with ya. How hard is it to smile and greet a customer? Not hard. I hate mean/bored/impolite people.

But I LOVE Munchos!
RA said…
Oooh, seems your hormones are getting to you, girl! This sort of thing happens. Yes, it shouldn't because they have chosen a service job, but it does... because they are people too. Maybe it was her hormones that were wildly whirring...!! :D
Ashley Stone said…
haha I totally agree, I can't stand rude people. If you are going to work with people, than as a general rule, you should LIKE people.

I laughed so hard when I got to the last line about her hi-lights. haha!!!
laurel said…
Are you sure they didn't replace their employees with robots? LOL.
K-Tee said…
i could not agree more! good customer service is SOOOOO hard to find now-a-days. i get so mad when i am at a check out and the person spends more time talking to their fellow retailer about their weekend than paying attention to me. their consumer. i am not asking to be their bestie, but come on. have a little courtesy!
Sierra Godfrey said…
I'm so glad you cut her off and were silent in your protest. THAT SHOWED HER!

I cannot believe you didn't make a rude comment. then again, she did have all your personal info at her disposal. I would have called the store and railed at the manager. I've done that before concerning the drive through lane, which one time REFUSED to answer the beep and my revving engine. I WAS FURIOUS at being made to PARK, GET OUT OF MY CAR, and GO IN THE STORE.
Jen said…
Some people blame it on hormones, but I think I would have reacted the same way to rude people... that's just me though. :)

By the way I have an awesome award for you over at my blog :)
Melissa said…
I totally agree with you. I worked at McDonalds for several years then went on to working in a Hotel. And now I'm training to be a bartender. Everything I've done has been in the hospitality industry. And smiling, greeting customers...is not hard its easy as all heck and I want to wring the necks of jerks in the customer service industry who don't. Honestly, don't think you need to be pregnant or hormonal to feel that way.

But it might be amplified for you...

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