super secret project reveal

I am now I journalist!

I signed up with and I have already published two articles. I am the "Louisville New Moms Examiner" and I get to write about whatever I choose, so long as it's pertinent to my local audience.

Won't you take a look at what I've written. (Because, you know, I get paidspice for pageviews/ length of time you stay on the page/ etc.)

Here's a link to my first article.

And my second.

Won't you support my Day Care Fund by reading one or both?!

Also, if you are interested in becoming an examiner in your town... it's easy to apply! The cool thing is that the possibilities are pretty much endless. You could be a Book Exmainer, a Creative Writing Examiner, a Restaurants Examiner, a Cupcake Examiner (I'm talking to you, Sierra Godfrey!) or a Pocket Link Examiner. (Okay, maybe you couldn't be a Pocket Link Examiner. Though, if you did, I would totes read your work.)

It's kind of like blogging, except you can't write in first person. Or end words with spice. Or use foul language or other snarky words... and you have to stay on topic... you can't just ramble on and on... like this...

(Seriouslyspice, If you do apply, please tell 'em I sent ya. There's a spot on the online application which asks "how did you hear about Examiner?" That's where you would write Amber Murphy told me, because she is awesome. )

So, thanks for your support! I know that you'll only be looking at my articles because you love me, as the information won't be useful for us unless you live in Louisville and are having a baby or are a new mom.


Ashley Stone said…
love your articles! I just filled out my background check form, I should have my first articles up soon. yay!
Oooh that's SO cool! Congrats. I want to do that--I'd be the vegan examiner!
Elle Strauss said…
Congrats on your new gig!
Natalie Murphy said…
*clicks on both links*

I'll send my mum to look at them for you too, hun ;)
Jen said…
I'm over to read your articles now!!! How cool that you are an awesome little reporter!! I think being an examiner would be fun so I'll look into it! Thanks :)
@ Ashley -- thanks again! I can't wait to read your first article.

@ Franklie -- Ashley, above, is going to be a Vegetarian Examiner for her town!

@ Elle -- Thanks, lady.

@ Natalie -- thanks for clicking and spreading the love. :)

@ Jen -- THANK YOU! You would make an amazing examiner. Knowing you, you'd have a big following before your first article even went live!
Sierra Godfrey said…

Do you get paid for this?!?
@ Sierra. Yes, I get paid a little. And I do mean a little.
B.E. Sanderson said…
Awesome articles. They'd definitely be helpful if I was your target audience. Way to go. =o)
@ B.E. Thanks for much for checking them out!

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