Photo Growth Chart, or, the Vlog that will never see the light of day

I'll just dive right in without any excuses for my three-week disappearance from blogging.

First and foremost, how bout some Stamos on Glee last night?! (Okay... this is kind of funny. When I started this blog, I almost didn't use it. A year-ish amount of time passed, and when I decided to blog regularly, the way I broke the ice involved John Stamos. That was in September of '09. Take a gander.)

And, for more on my love affair with Uncle Jesse, click here. (That post totes rocked. I'm probably going to have to re-post it at some point. It's top ten, fo sho'.)

Anyway: confession. I secretly just made a little vlog to show you peeps my baby bump, but it was so white tra-shay that I am not able to post it. I was holding the camera up to the mirror in my bedroom whilst I recorded, and it's soooo dark and blurry (not to mention the unmade bed behind me...) that I just have no choice but to feed it to the bowels of the internets.

A picture will have to suffice.

(Yes, that rhymed.)

As a reminder, here's my frontal view at almost 14 weeks:

muffintop in the oven
And here's the latest -- I'm now a whopping 29 weeks preggers -- be warned --  you might want to avert your eyes.

leggo my eggo, cause i'm preggo.
and p.s. that is NOT the same white shirt that i wore in the other picture. It's a bigger one. Obvi.

Weighing in, there are 35 more pounds of amber murphy than there were before-bumpage.
Don't I sound proud of myself?

Yeah, not so much. However, I've been burning calories these days by power walking shopping for the baby!

*Pictures to come.* Stay tuned! I promise to blog more often in the weeks to come. I even have a fun TMI for tomorrow, so get ready.


Shandal said…
Oh girl you have a cute bump there! Don't worry about your weight, I had gained 50 lbs both times with my kids. It comes off! :)
Tina Lynn said…
Awww...I can't wait to see the baby for reals.
Melissa said…
That's more Amberspice to love, lol!
Jenna Wallace said…
Look at you! You're glowing!

OK, your bump is glowing. And I'm assuming the rest is too.

Anyway... YAY for more Amberspice!
ND said…
That is a ridiculously cute bump :D I'm glad you're back in the blogging world. I missed you so.
Laurel said…
You're coming into the homestretch! Whee! Can't wait to see your cutie make her blog debut.
Laurel said…
You're coming into the homestretch! Whee! Can't wait to see your cutie make her blog debut.
Susan R. Mills said…
Such an exciting time. Cherish it all, fat tummy and everything. You'll miss is later. :)
Ashley Stone said…
cute!!!! You look super adorablespice.
Travener said…
Welcome back, my dear. Of course I missed you! Different white shirt, perhaps, but same PJs, I see. Can't wait for TMI Thurs.
Kristin said…
Your baby bump is adorable! Mine was HUGE. I got the twins comment more times than I care to remember!

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