five october things i love

1. Autumn Leaves.
Photo: Zest-pk via flickr
I just love when the leaves change colors... my mom used to make the family go on drives to nowhere -- just to look at the pretty trees. (I did not love it back then.)

2. Cider Beer
(oh, wait... that was last year.)
Photo: randomduck via flickr

3. Hot Apple Cider
Photo: kthread via flickr

I want to drink somespice... of that spiced cider.

4. Makin' S'mores
Photo: andresmh via flickr
And eatin' s'more s'mores.

5. Men in Sweaters
Photo: dunikowski via flickr
I wouldn't mind bobbing for apples with him!

~happy fall~


RA said…
I like autumn leaves and beer (without the cider!), but had to look up what s'mores are all about. They sound weird.... :D
Jen Daiker said…
Men in sweaters... yum... *drooling*

As for the hot apple cider count me in!!! I'm actually going to eat some pizza for dinner and then walk over to my corner Tuscan Sun and order a hot caramel apple cider drink... can you say YUM!!!
Tina Lynn said…
Oh...hello! Guys in sweaters.
MJenks said…
Though it seems counter-intuitive, I love women in sweaters.

I also miss apple cider stuff. I can get it down here, but it seems not the same as when I'd get it back in Indiana.
Shandal said…
SMORES! Haven't had a smore in... years! I can't even remember it's been so long!
Susan R. Mills said…
Happy fall to you too!
Travener said…
The one thing that's really on my "bucket list" is to see Vermont in the fall. I loves the leaves what are changing colors.

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