mama shopper

I'm pretty sure I'm officially obsessed with shopping for the (as-yet-unnamed) baby.

Wanna see some of my finds?!

I found this red and black baby carrier at a consignment sale -- it was a steal at $45.
Those things are normally like $100. And, they're all the rage.
I'll look soooo awesome with my baby strapped to me!

This little dress is probably my favorite purchase so far. Technically, it was free because a bank customer gave me a $25 gift card to JC Penney as a gift for the baby. (In real life, it was $20, which is a little more than I want to spend on any one thing that will only fit my baby for the first 0-3 months of her life.)
Don't you think she should wear this dress for her first photo at the hospital??
(I do! Hubs wants her in a Louisville Cardinals sporty onesie or something. Pishawspice.)

I also love and adore this art ($5.99 at TJMaxx) and it's become a bit of inspiration for my nursery design ideas.
I think I'll paint the walls that pretty blue. Don't the pink and brown polka dots just look fantastic with that lovely blue?! (I'll be decorating in the pink and brown family, polka dots and stripes and solids.)

(As a bonus, we could use the same blue room for a boy baby, should we semi-accidentally procreate again in the future.)


MJenks said…
"Hubs wants her in a Louisville Cardinals sporty onesie or something."

Fuck. And. That.

You don't want her to grow up constantly drooling all the time and carrying with her an impenetrable aura of body funk, do you? Of course not! She's your little girl!

You need to put the foot down. Or withhold sex. Or kick him in the grundle. One of these options. But the above? It cannot happen.
Jen Daiker said…
I vote for the dress to be the first thing little baby wears!! She'll look super cute!

As for the artwork I'm in love!!! You should make her dream of cupcakes, you know those cute little toy overhangs (hopefully you get my drift) find one with cupcakes!!! *Aunty Jen currently googling for cupcake overhang*

I've officially fallen crazy (oh wait... that's no surprise)
Ashley Stone said…
cute stuff!! Love the cupcake pic!
Sierra Godfrey said…
I feel it my duty to tell you that the Baby Bjorn carrier is perhaps one of the single most important pieces of baby gear you can possibly get. Particularly great for the grocery store when the babyspice is too little to sit up in the shopping cart and thus can be carried and you arms are free!
jayme said…
awww wittle baby murph. love it all darling. the wee one is going to be so precious in that little dress (which TOTALLY beats the ul onesie...doy...) xoxo doll face

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