in which i should be squatting on eggs


I think I am officially nesting, since I spent most of my Monday-bank-holiday cleaning.

I decided to start in the back of the house and I seriously spent THREE hours cleaning our bedroom. I started with a dry cloth and wiped down every inch of wall space -- carefully using a step-ladder to reach the top -- and then followed with a wet towel. (I must have switched out my bucket of hot water at LEAST ten times.)

As I worked my way around the room, I used the vaccuum attachment-thingy to get every cob-web. I dusted each inch of the furniture, which I hubs moved as I went. I wiped baseboards. I vaccuumed behind and under everything.

I even removed the cobwebs from the insides of our closets. Who knew they were even there?!

(Here's the reason I know I'm nesting: I secretly really enjoyed myself the entire time.)

Next up: the guest bedroom, which is probably even dirtier since our dog hangs out in there.

In Color News:

We bought paint! I'm on vacation next week and one of the major projects I need to mark off my list is painting the nursery. I'm super excited about the color:

Valspar's Bay Mist... I think it will look super cute with my pink and brown accessories!
In drop-sie news:

At work yesterday, I was counting a stack of 50 dollar bills and dropped a few. I took my hand and just swept the rest of them off the counter and onto the floor, then bent over and started picking them all up. I just figured that if I had to get down there, I might as well make it more worth my while.


Jen Daiker said…
LOLOL glad to see picking up 50 dollar bills was worth your time!!!

The paint color is divine! I like a lot :)

Oh yes, women are weird, especially when nesting or not feeling well (my experience). When I'm sick there is a sure way of knowing, I'd rather clean the house than lounge around... stupid I know, how else does one get better, don't think cleaning products is the key!!

Miss you tons on the blog! It made me smile to see your name pop up on my sidebar!
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
Hee, hee, hee.....i love that you just throw the rest on the floor! lol

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