TMI Thursday: Oh, Mom

I love my mother. I do. She has her little quirks, though.

For instance, she "doesn't know how" to pump gas. Literally, she doesn't ever do it. My dad takes her and fills her car up weekly... or as needed. Obviously, we give her a little hell for it on the regular.

So, while my mom and I were in Bloomington visiting my rehab-ridden-grandma, I knew I would be on tank duty.

My mom pulled into a gas station and tried to nagivate her way up to the pump, totes preoccupied with the task at hand. ("Is my gas tank on this side, Amber?!")

Well, I wasn't paying attention, because I was in hysterics when I saw this place of business:

Doggie Styles: A Canine Salon.
So, I was all, "Mom... do you see that?! That is so funny!!"

And she wasn't really paying attention, because it's "hard" to pull up to a gas pump. So, she giggled in agreement... and I still couldn't stop howling.

"Mom, that pet groomer is called Doggie Styles....  hahahahahahahahahahhh."

Then, I considered the possibility -- "Wait, Mom. Do you get why that's funny?"

With her car finally in park, she could concentate on the hilarity at hand.

"Yeah, like sex?"

(Oh, I hope this wasn't funnier in my head. To know her is to love her. It was just the way she said it, so innocently, like it was something she maybe shouldn't have known about.)

But, peace out. I gotta run. I really want a Sonic burger before my lunch hour ends.


Travener said…
I once had a very uncomfortable -- and, thankfully, short -- conversation with my mother in which I had to explain to her what "sodomy" was.

So, did you gas up the car or what? Are you posting from your iPhone by the side of the road, waiting for AAA to come with some gas?

Also, I can't believe I'm the first to post. Yay me!
Travener said…
I mean comment. (Number two, too! Yay me again!)
Jen Daiker said…
LOLOL that's hilarious!!! The minute I saw it I was in your mind thinking dirty (why use your own mind when you can use someone elses dirty mind?)

Your mom is hilarious, I can picture her saying it, like she is fifteen and just found out what SEX even meant. LOLOL just as funny aloud as in your head!
Trav, yes. I gassed up her gas and then went inside for a few provisions and to pay for the fuel. I am pretty sure the cashier-boy saw me taking photos of the doggie-styles sign, bc he was all flirty and like, "What are you two girls up to today?!"

It. was. flattering.
jayme said…
i originally wrote "i can see it now..." but then i realized that that's not a great thing to respond with about doggy style and a mother.. this just got awkward, didn't it? yikes, i should go.... anyways, 31 weeks and counting and i can't wait to hold the wee one!!
Elle said…
Haha that's classic!
saucyminx410 said…
I think its hilarious!
Steph Damore said…
That's awesome. My grandma once told a joke where the punchline was "69". What made it hilarious was that she didn't understand what it meant! I left my Mom to explain that one...

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