let there be light ... and pink... I think I'm in love with this lamp.

Awhile back, Ashley at A Matter of Opinion started working with CSN Stores -- CSN has over 200 online stores where you can find lovely items for your home -- like modern extra tall bar stools or quality, affordable cookware.

Or, if you're like me... if you don't cook dinner but are cooking a baby-bean... you can scour the internets for hours and hours looking at CSN Baby.

Anywaddle, ( <-- pregnancy sound effect) Ashley has paved the way for me to work with CSN Stores, too -- and I'm excited that I will soon be reviewing a product on my very own little blog!

I have been looking for a lamp for the nursery, as hubs and I have very little overhead lighting in our home... so I can't wait to receive the lamp below in the mail from CSN!

P.S. Musings of Amber Murphy is now accepting any and all offers which include gratis-baby-plunder.

This is going to look sooo perfect in the nursery. Let there be Lightspice!
So, stay tuned for my review... coming soon.

(Also, I know I owe you a TMI Thursday story about a certain game that was played at a certain bloggers baby shower... and I promise to make good on that. Seriously. I'll tell you what went down. I just didn't get a chance to blog yesterday because I was busy painting the nursery. Less than 5 weeks until my due date, folks. We mean business around here.)


Renae said…
That is a gorgeous lamp. I love the colors!
Tina Lynn said…
*want* It's so adorable! Don't forget to either buy a red scarf to cover it or buy dark party lights. Because you want to keep the lighting really low during night feedings, but you don't want to kill yourself or the baby waddling around in the dark. (Yup, you still waddle for awhile afterward.)
Lydia Kang said…
That lamp is too cute! I love your new word, anywaddle. It makes perfect sense, actually. Wish I said it more often when I was preggers!
Susan R. Mills said…
Very cute lamp! Can't wait to hear what you think about it.
Ashley Stone said…
yay! glad it worked out. Love that lamp!
Steph Damore said…
Yes, it is a very cute lamp. And I might just have to steal your "anywaddle" for the next few months :)
Sierra Godfrey said…
I love the shape of that lamp. Do they come in blue?

And I didn't know about CSN, so thanks!

What are your thoughts on co-sleepers vs. cribs and bassinets?
carissa said…
Oh I do love the lamp. I love lamp. I love lamp.

Geez time is flying! I can't believe it's nearly baby time!

Also, I can't wait for some more TMI!

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