Oh, no. I didn't want to become a boring mommy blogger...

Pardon my almost-month-long blogging hiatus. See, I had this dream that I wouldn't become a mommy-blogger, but that idea, my friends, was for the birds.

I'm less than six weeks away from my due date, and there is absolutely nothingspice else on my mind but getting ready for baby.

I'm off work again this week, and thankful that I hoarded my vacation time so that I can continue with my borderline OCD nesting. (Ohhh, you guys didn't get to hear about that week when I was off work in mid-October, did you?! I spent the entire week cleaning my house. I'm talking wall scrubbing. Every inch of wall space. It took me 2.5 days to do the kitchen.)

Today: I tackle the living room. But, before I get started I wanted to pop in to say that I miss EACH one of you so much!! I am unforgivably (but, understandably) behind in my google reader. I can't wait to catch up on your lives!

Before I go, enjoy these preggo pictures. I know you'll just love to see how much I've grown. (40+ pounds, which I could practically shed in tears... when I think upon the girth I've gained...)

Preggo Murphy, my sister, my mama, and my niece, Carley!

At my "friend-shower," we played a game called "Preggers or Porn..." I'll wait and explain this on Thursday.

My gal-pal from high school is expecting twins and is due four weeks after me. She's not ALL that much bigger than I am, and she's growing TWO babies at once!

There's more to come. I swear it. I've missed blogging.


Jen Daiker said…
Yay! You're back, if only for a moment. I'm looking forward to the explanation of the porn games, sounds too fun!

Cute photos! Thanks for sharing!

Glad to be one of the first commentors!
Laurel said…
Could I hire you to come nest at my house? :-) Glad to see you're doing well and looking so lovely!
Jenna Wallace said…
You might be a mommy blogger, but you could never be boring! We are glad to have you in whatever form. And you look great, by the way. Enjoy it... this is the only time you can say with pride "I've gained 40 pounds!"
So great to hear you're doing well! LOVE the pictures. You are too cute!

Enjoy these last couple weeks. And rest up ;)
Vicki Rocho said…
You might become a Mommy blogger, but you'll never be boring! Don't worry about it, you can't fight nature anyhow.
saucyminx410 said…
Certainly have missed you- can't believe only 6 weeks until baby! So exciting! Can't wait to "meet" your little one- and hear about pregnant or porn...sounds interesting!
OMG I have missed your blog SO much!
No lie, I was about to blog stalk you and then I saw it!!! A new post!!!
As much as I'm proud that you have not become a mommy blogger I agree with the other comments that you could never be boring.
I'm imagining that you'll give us a good, vividly detailed birth story.
Sierra Godfrey said…
Good to see you back :) I've missed your wit.

It's okay, for the record, if you become a mommy blogger. If it means you keep blogging, then I'm just fine with that.
You were definitely MISSED!!! Luckily, I was able to photo-stalk your facebook and I saw all your wonderful preggo pictures! Hehe ;) You look fantastic!!!! :)
Hope you have a great week! :)
Natalie Murphy said…
Ah pictures! So cute!!

I'm glad you popped in and said hello. I was just thinking about you the other day! I hope everything is going well, love =)

Ashley Stone said…
you look so cute!!! That game was so fun, and obviously I know my porn! haha
jayme said…
you are too cute! i've missed you! i saw murph the other day and he was filling me in your life! hopefully i can get my shit (i mean stuff, i always forget that you shouldn't/can't cuss in front of a child, or fetus??) together and get your baby present sent out since i'm lame and was in charleston for the shower. poo on me. xoxoxoxoxoxooxox
carissajaded said…
I've missed you and your updates so much! you look beautiful though! don't be mad at the baby bump! I can't wait til I get to see the baby!

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