what I've done, what I should be doing, and what I am doing...

What I've done today:

* Made a list of things I still need to do
* Drank my daily allotment of coffee (sadly, 1.5 small cups)
* Organized the baby loot

Bath Items.

Kitchen Aisle.

* Ordered a few a massive amount of baby things from Target online

What I should be doing:

* Completing the tape-the-nursery-walls since my mom and mother-in-law are coming over tomorrow afternoon to help paint! And since I told said mother-in-law that we've already finished taping... whoops!

Remember the M & M people?! They've been primed-over. Hubs cried. He said the yellow one ended like Old Yeller.

* Finishing the cleaning of the living room, then obsessively scrubbing the laundry room to complete my deep clean.

* Spot cleaning the rest of the house, as to keep it clean now that my "deep clean" is basically complete.

* Taking the final--ish load of giveaways to Goodwill

* Going to the daycare I chose... to pay my deposit and, also, begging to God I didn't wait too long to formalize my decision.

* Calling my HR department to get the ball rolling on Maternity Leave.

* Composing 4.2 zillion thank-you notes... I was blessed to have 3 baby showers. (Number of baby bath tubs received? Three.)

What I am doing:

* Blogging. Can I get a what-what?!

* Getting ready to watch last night's epi of GLEE since I was too sleepy to watch it after I got home from a Basic Baby Care Course (free!) at the hospital where I will deliver. (Dude. Things have changedspice in the 10-ish years since I was World's Best Baby-sitter.)

* Taking pictures of baby-loot-madness for your viewing pleasure:



A'ight. I'm off to go clean things.



Jen Daiker said…
Wow that's an intense amount of baby loot! You really made it, and the sad thing is, I'm sure it'll all be used up before the baby turns 6 months old.

Oh the world of motherhood.

I miss you, but glad to see you stopped doing what you SHOULD be doing and graced us with your fabulous self!
LOL. Hey, I think you gave priority to the more important things. ;)

And wow, you scored in the baby loot dept. Go you!
Oh Amber! Hilarious as usual and I think I wouldn't mind one bit if you turned into a mommy-blogger, because it would still be hilarious!
Susan R. Mills said…
That's a lot of loot! You'll be glad you have it though soon.
Tina Lynn said…
Nice! I can't wait to meet our lovechild. At least through pix since you live so stinking far away!
Sierra Godfrey said…
You have gotten some good loot there, and I congratulate you especially on getting the Lansinoh nursing pads because you're going to need them-- they prevent you leaking all over yourself when you're trying to get a sliver of sleep. It's my number one baby must-have. That, and diapers. and if you need a good diaper rash cream, I recommend Boudreax's Butt Paste and not just because it has the best name EVER.

When are you due again?
Sierra Godfrey said…
And don't forget to actually WASH all that baby stuff-- clothes and blankets and stuff-- before you go into labor. You won't be able to feed yourself after birth, let alone wash stuff.
Great advice, Sierra!

I'm due Dec. 16th... five more weeks. :)
Natalie Murphy said…
Yay for baby loot! =)
Ashley Stone said…
looks like you got some good loot!!!
whoa, you got a ton of stuff!!! Glad to see you back!! :)

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