Blog Photo Review: A visually stimulating two years
August 31, 2008: knot = tied
Got Hitched

I adored every single inch of my modern wedding... rooftop ceremony, reception in an urban space overlooking a glass-blowing studio.. all the purple and yellow and black and white... the way I looked... the euphoria of pulling off the event...

love is grand, but a kick-ass wedding is, too.

Sept. 2008: Fish outta water!
Honey, moon me...

Hubs and I spent the week in Myrtle Beach, SC and
were there for Tropical Storn Hanna. Not a highlight:
super hard wind and rains. Definitely a highlight: forcing
my new husband to take my photograph on the beach,
me sportin' my wedding dress, even though our wedding
took place back in Louisville.

November, 2008 I spy a Hoosier!

Floor Seats in Assembly Hall, Bloomington

Yeah, we played nobody IUPUI. It was still top-ten on my most awesome life-experience list.

Summer 2009: Got a new ride.
I drove all night... to get to you.
Her name is Bella. She loves me and Edward.
Fall 2009... High School Musical: Reunited

 After 10 years, I finally started to like my hair. AND I got away with wearing horizontal stripes!

April 15, 2010 - December 14, 2010: Baby Makin'
Beginning of the bump

End of the bump.

Result of the bump.
A final thought from Stella...

and she makes Mommy happy, too.

The two-ish years since I've started blogging have been full of ups and downs, but when I stop to reflect on the ups, I am overwhelmed at how lucky I am in life.

Here's to 2008, 2009, and 2010...

and cheers to so many things to look forward to in 2011.

Happyspice New Year!


What a GREAT idea, a (couple) years in review with photos! You've had quite a time. So many blessings, with Baby Stella topping the list. Here's to your 2011, may it bring you more happiness and success than you've ever known before!

((hugs)) Nicole
Happy New Years to you and your family! Love the photo review- I have been meaning to do one of those.... Maybe after the Holiday?
Have a great and healthy 2011 with that adorable new baby of yours.....
Vicki Rocho said…
What fun! 2011 is going to top them all...that little bump is going to be smiling and laughing and rolling over and crawling and lotsa good stuff waiting for you!
Ashley Stone said…
adorable pics! Glad you've had such wonderful times. xoxo
Aww, what a great review! I love it when you post a wedding pic, you look gorgeous all the time, but you looked amazing on your wedding day! Model-esque! I love it when brides have their hair pulled back like that - probably cause I know I'm NOT going to be able to pull that hairstyle off and I wish I could! ;)
Happy New Year, Amber! Cannot wait to watch Stella grow!!! :)

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