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Cute mobile; not the same as the photo on the website!

When I got the opportunity to receive a free item from csnbaby.com, I knew that I wanted to find a mobile to accent my modern nursery. The Lambs & Ivy Madison Avenue Musical Mobile looked like the perfect addition.

When the package arrived, I was a little crestfallen at first. The mobile I received was not exactly the same as the one in the photo on csn. The mobile I expected to get was brown, tan, and white -- the mobile that came was brown, pink, white and yellow. I realized that the mobile shown in the product photo is actually the Lambs & Ivy Park Avenue Style. I considered returning the item and getting what I wanted, but decided that it still looked great and kept it to avoid any hassle. Plus, since I received it at no cost for doing the review, I figured there was no reason to be complaining.

My husband easily installed it on the side of our crib. Our newborn doesn't sleep in her crib yet, but we love to put her in it a few times a day to let her look at the mobile and listen to its music.

Overall, I love what I got -- it just wasn't what I expected to receive.

Cute but overpriced

I had been eye-balling this lamp for my new baby's nursery for quite some time, so when I got the opportunity to receive a free item from http://www.csnbaby.com/ and then review it, I was very excited and knew immediately I would choose the lamp.

The lamp base itself is well made, and I love that the lamp is energy efficient. As for the lamp shade, what initially attracted me to it was the pattern and the colors. While I do still love the way it looks when not in use, the lamp shade looks a bit funny when the lamp is turned on. There are some imperfections that are illuminated.

I do love this lamp and plan to continue to use it at night for softer light in my baby's room. However, if I had purchased the lamp out of my own pocket, I would have been a little disappointed.


Ashley Stone said…
cute stuff! At least it was free. ; ) I have a few reviews to write as well for them!
Vicki Rocho said…
Cute stuff! One of my kids had a dimmer switch on their main room light which was AWESOME for those middle of the night wake-ups. I don't know how much they cost to install, but if I were doing it (ahem, kids) again, I'd definitely have one installed.

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