For unto us a child is born...

I started a post and scrapped it... it was titled: "TMI Thursday, Monday Edition: Childbirth Photos."

Then I was going to write "PSYCH!!" as my opening line.


Blog world, she's here! Please help me welcome:

Stella Claire Murphy
5 pounds 12.9 oz
19.25 inches long

A few things: yes, she's almost 7 days old already... sorry this post is delayed but I have been busy sacrificing my body, boobs, and bedtime for another human life. Plus, if you've befriended me on facebook, you already knew!
Still, as a reward for your patience, I will post a few photos of this December darling (and a few of them aren't on facebook yet... so they are super special.)

You'll have to settle for captions tonight, but I promise there are stories to tell -- get ready for TMI's out the vagina wah-zoo.

please note: she doesn't sleep here yet. Once she does, the crib will be empty of toys and other such hazards. (Musings of Amber Murphy does not condone leaving a child unattended with a boppy pillow.)

Stellaspice makes my life better than it was before.
I just thought I knew how to love... and then I made her.

*To view her hospital photo shoot, visit Bella Baby Photography and use 1214stella as the password to see the most adorable slide show. It gets me every time.*


Sierra said…
Yay yay yay!!!

So happy for you Amber!

I love her.


And, nice rack in that second picture.
Vicki Rocho said…
OMG! Congratulations!!! She's so beautiful and perfect and tiny.
Simon C. Larter said…
Congratulations, darlin'. She's adorable. :)
Huge congrats, Amber!! Stella is perfection. Loved meeting her. Happy Holidays to you all! <3
Yay! More pictures! Congratulations again:-)
Melissa said…
Congratulations!!!!! She's so beautiful!
Jenna Wallace said…
Congratulations!!! She is so beautiful!
pinkflipflops said…
congratulations amber!!!! she is adorable. ahhhhh i can't wait to meet my own in may!! i am so happy for you and um i am adding you on facebook now so i can stalk photos of that darling.. err i mean move our friendship to fb haha.
Laurel Garver said…
I second Frankie--more pictures, please! She's adorable and oh so delicately lovely. Love how you call her "stellaspice." Too perfect.
Shandal said…
Ah, congratulations!!!! She's a doll, love her name too!!
Awww, she is gorgeous! Congratulations!
Ashley Stone said…
so happy for you. I love how tiny she is! Your hospital shoot was amazing! I am definitely going to look those people up when I have a baby.
Natalie Murphy said…
OMG! YOU HAD A BAYBEH! Congrats! I'm glad she's finally here ;)
Mrs. Grant said…
Congrats! She is adorable!! What a great Christmas present!!

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