TMI Thursday: Friday Morning Edition

Lost my mucus plug yesterday. Word.

(If you know about those, then you know how TMI that is. If you don't know, then google it.)

(Hubs came up with a pretty decent descrption of it, though... "It looks like you blew your nose after you had a bloody nose.")

(I'll pause for regurgitationspice.)

Still no baby, though.

I'm six measley days from my due date on December 16th, and I'm starting to feel like a beached whale. No, not just a beached whale: an impatient beached whale.

I'm 1 cm dialated/ 50% effaced as of my last appointment.

What is she waiting on?! Christmas?!


The word mucus makes me want to blow chunks.
Good luck getting that baby out. I hope that it is painless, effortless and tidy.
Can't wait to "meet" her and hear all about the gody details!
....and I hope for your sake that she does NOT wait until Christmas. GAHD!....
Jenna Wallace said…
My advice? walk walk walk walk walk walk walk. Walk that little nugget right out of you. Worked for both of mine (and on their due dates too). Good luck!
Elliott said…
There is no way to write the gagging noise that goes through my head when seeing the words 'mucus plug'.

And I will not Google it. You can't make me.


Am I being immature? Probably. But given that I'll be a grandfather in four months means I'll learn about these things whether I want to or not. I choose not.

But hey, other than the {gaaaag} mucous plug thing, congratulations!
MJenks said…
Perhaps she wants to be born on the most fantastic and wonderful day of the year: December 22nd.
I have no idea what you're talking about--which maybe is a good thing, but keep in there! Come on baby! Come out! Your mom is awesomespice!
Ashley Stone said…
not sure what a mucus plug is, but it sure sounds exciting, haha.

She'll be here before you know it! Enjoy your last few nights of sleep! : )
Travener said…
One word: epidural.

When the spousal unit had child unit number one, she was, before the application of the procedure noted above, a raging...well, what's the word...HOUND FROM HELL.

After, all sweetness and light.
Wendy Sparrow said…

Mucus is a gross word. *shudders*

Still... it's a sign that things are happening! *claps hands* Yay!!!! Come out, baby!!!!
Vicki Rocho said…
I got a very vivid visual.

WALK WALK WALK. It will help. Really.

You're SOOOO close!
ND said…
She's waiting on my birthday! I learned sooooo much more about the pregnancy experience than I ever wanted to know when my sis-in-law was preggers. The babe will come when she wants to come. Just try to sleep now!
Sierra Godfrey said…
Bet you you had her! This post was 5 days ago! Mucus plugs mean a few days!! UPDATE US!!!

(And i hope you had that epidural because Travs was exactly right about the difference in temperament)
Any baby yet? The interwebs are getting curious....

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