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we're gonna have some fun, show ya how it's done: tgif

TMI Thursday: in which i was born again

this is my now.

video killed the radio star

my monday

because i am so lame.

TMI Thursday: in which we weigh the melons

mornings plus amber do not equal love

amber: unplugged

because i won awards

TMI Thursday: in which I am a poet

i thought the lotus was just a pretty flower...

winken, blinken and nodding off

sickish and bookish

a contest and an outline

the almost accident

TMI Thursday: in which my sanity took a hiatus

spammy whammy and self-loathing, writer style

take a look at yourself and make a change

twenty ten, you're alright

cut the tension with a butter knife or an ice pick or something

in which my goals were too far reaching