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fish eggs and eyelashes

typical tuesday: a day in the life

Call me, on the line -- you can call me, call me... anytime. Call me.

Friday Fatigue: in which I am sleepyspice

TMI Thursday: in which i should have said nothing at all

wordy wednesday.

in which my hips and inner-thighs speak rapture

have you seen my stapler?

i'll show you mine if you show me yours

TMI Thursday: in which I ask rhetorical questions

i just want to pinch you.


apparently, i belong at dunder mifflin

friday friend

TMI Thursday: isn't that a ring on your finger?

short, sexy, and sweet

a little ashamed

we have a winner.

recovery weekend; last chance for my giveaway!

wax on, wax off

TMI Thursday: in which there is a sleepver dance.

i'm smitten

in which i have a birthday and a giveaway

pre-birthday and 100 followers! celebration