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tmi thursday: the mini-murphy-muffin's first photo op

beta club rewrite

leave all your toxins at the feet of the porcelain god

random and candid. per usual.

the days of cosmos and dreams

tmi thursday: in which you should proceed with caution and skip entirely if you're smart

tonight, we have a tender chicken cutlet covered in awesomesauce (and two other awards)

i need a nap. and a map.

btw -- don't divorce me

fetal friday?

tmi thursday: in which part two is making me sweat bullets

i need a plotter's intervention

i need a vacation, but at what cost?

but i do have a really cute garden gnome

mark me as read. *shakes head.* okay, I warned you!

tmi thursday: in which we share the love

the spice of life

read me, seymour. read me.

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First Page Blogfester

tmi thursday: in which my job almost went down the toilet