2011 goals? I just hope to get a shower today!

Hubs is back to work, and Stella and I are just chillin' at the homefront. Mom is trying not to spend tooooo terribly much money on Shutterfly, and Stella is trying not to be toooo terribly disgruntled in spite of her chapped little ass. My poor baby has her first diaper rash.

(My blog is sexy, I know.)

I think I'm going to take Stelly to the pedi's office today -- get her weight checked and see what they reccommend for the red tushie. It's starting to blister a little and I'm afraid it will turn into a yeastyspice-thing.


I'm a little nervous about venturing out of the house with my Stellabelle... I'm yet to drive her anywhere at all. I'm great at being in the back seat next to her, but I'm supes anxious about just the two of us in the car, and me all far away in the driver's seat.

Good thing the pedi office is only 5 minutes away.

In other news, Stella took her first road trip this weekend to Mommy's home state! We My mom and dad drove to Bloomington, Indiana to visit my Mammaw, so Stella (and Mommy) went along for the ride. We surprised Mammaw -- who was beginning to think she wouldn't meet the baby until springtime, because I wasn't sure how long it would take for me to feel comfortable taking my little infant across so many miles and state lines.

Best. New Years Day. Ever.


Jen Daiker said…
Yay!!! Your back for today! Look at the adorable little girl! You know how much I love the name you chose!!!

I hope you showered today :)
Ashley said…
sweet little baby!!!
Wendy Sparrow said…
Awww... she is so cute. *squishes little cheeks*

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