...for christina's mom...

I was born in a storm,
when the earth opened up like a fist unclenching
and swallowed the dark.

My first wails were not in mourning,
not for life lost in a cloud of ash, billowed and blown,
on the day I was born.

You wrapped me, covered me,
sheltered me from the branches that broke,
from the thunder that you heard in your core
on the day that I was born.

And then the skies clear -- yes, autumn leaves settle down.
Warmth turns up the corners of your mouth.
You watch me dance in the puddles that formed
on the day that I was born in the storm.

When night falls,
when the wind howls again and your screams resound:
I will hold you, lift you up.
I will be the calm in the eye of the storm.


Jenna Wallace said…
Beautiful, Amber. Thank you for that lovely tribute.
pinkflipflops said…
that was beautiful amber.
Ashley Stone said…
beautiful!! Did you write that!?
Yeah, I wrote it. I don't think it's like, THE best piece of work ever written... but I just can't stop thinking about that family, and the irony that Christina was born on 9/11 and then died on such a "nationally tragic" day. It's hard to make sense of it. For me, writing something helped.
Jen Daiker said…
This was beautiful!!! You still got it going on Amber. Incredible, just incredible.
ND said…
this was chilling. Absolutely lovely

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