forgot my filter Friday: epic win

Sometimes, the overshare gets me virtual raised eyebrows and general disdain, but not this week. This week, ol' Honest Amb came away with chocolate covered Twizzlers.

See, there are these really cool author/sister gals, Lisa and Laura. Some people think they are attached in a siamese way, and just call them LiLa. It's easier than tying out two names, I guess.

Anywin, they had a fantastically appealing contest over at their (hilarious) blog this week --   Best, most shocking, most hilarious, most entertaining truth wins the [chocolate covered] Twizzlers. Beyond excited to see what you guys come up with.


Well, who else did you guys think would win?! (If you say Simon Larter, I'll punch you in the face.)

In the realm of shocking, hilarious, entertaining truth-telling... I will never let you down.

Here's my first-place comment. Please enjoy reading it while I go toot my own horn some more.

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

truth: I really wanted to win, because i think it like, releases endorphins or something... so i must admit that i am typing one-handed and the other hand is attached to my own boobie... i pumped breastmlik at the same time i emptied my google reader. titilating, i know.

Oops. I just realized that I typo-ed "breastmilk." Well, that's probably because I was TRULY typing with one hand!

As I told Lisa and Laura when I emailed them my home address: I can't wait to get my candy in the mail! I can't wait to get my CANDY in the MAIL!

P.S. You should follow Lila if you don't already. They have a book coming out March 1 -- THE LIAR SOCIETY. The story sounds soooooo awesomespice... I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Lila revealed the sassy book cover today, and I dig it so much that I shall share it with you here.

Happy weekend.

Don't be jealous of my candy.


Roni Loren said…
Congrats! Oversharing FTW!
Susan R. Mills said…
Congrats! I'm not in the least bit surprised you won. :)
Hah! Love the oversharing am seriously jealous of your candy.
Thanks for the comment- you know, I kind of hate running too. It is a love/hate thing with the two of us. I just don't like it to get the better of me!
Did you notice that I nominated/tagged you for the stylish blog award? I did it yesterday but completely forgot to give you a holler and let you know.
Because really, nothing is more stylish than having a boob in one hand and a blog/computer keyboard/whateves in the other!
Ahhah! You did notice. I like that we met our Husbands the same way- it is obviously a good way to meet men. :-)
Congrats! I lurve Lisa and Laura -- they are so sweet and positively hilarious. Off to say hi to them now :))
Simon C. Larter said…

It's okay. I don't eat Twizzlers anyway. I would've traded them to my wife for...y'know.

Here's hoping you don't have to punch anyone in the face.

Lisa and Laura said…
Yay! Thanks for the cover love! Your Twizzlers shall be arriving shortly...
Ashley Stone said…
congrats on your candy, you are too funny!
Sierra Godfrey said…
Congrats on the win--and beating my nemesis Simon! Any win over him is a TRIPLE win!

Also, I had total faith in you. You should just rename your blog to TMI Amber. I mean, it definitely keeps me coming back.

That, and your sense of humor, and those dang cute pictures of your little girl.
Melissa B. said…
I've "typoed" breastmilk a few times...enjoy your candy!
Helene said…
Wow, I'm completely impressed that you were able to type with one hand while expressing breastmilk. I could never do that! You deserved to win!!!!!

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