three weeks in...

Yeah, all I blog about is Stella. I'm okay with it... aren't you?

I can't believe she's three weeks old already. She's definitely hitting some milestones... lifting her head, focusing on our faces and random household items (like the ceiling fan.) She smiles -- and I swear they aren't just "I'm dropping a deuce" smiles.

So, to celebrate my little one's 21st day of life, Mommy and Stella will venture out of the house today... all by ourselves!

I have a few items to return to Target, and then I think we'll stop by the bank so Stella can see where Mommy works and so that Mommy's coworkers can dote on Stella. 

Stella's Louisville Cardinal's fan-gear:
proof that Mommy loves Daddy.

The daddy just called from work to check in. He's a little grumpy because Stella's fussy time is between ten p.m. and midnight... and this is the exact time that Mommy tries to sleep so that Daddy can sleep from midnight until about 7:00 a.m. Mommy isn't sure why Daddy is so grumpy considering that he gets between six and seven UNinterrupted hours of sleep each night while the Mom is lucky to ever get that much TOTAL in any given day.

But, you know... Mommy isn't complaining. She really, really likes maternity leave and doesn't envy the already-back-to-work Daddy.

Daddy just told Mommy to take more naps during the day today, and that he would prefer it if the Mom would take a nap as soon as he gets home from work so that she can be awake to help during Stella's fussiest hours.

Mommy, on the other hand, would prefer to spend a little time with Daddy when he gets home in the evenings, maybe eat dinner together and watch some primetime television before she tries to sleep.
Ohhhhh, dear... Mommy wanted to tell Daddy to run and fu make a baby with himself! Mommy did not tell Daddy that she's taking Stella shopping in a couple of hours.

P.S. Mommy and Daddy really do love each other, we swear.


Stella is more beautiful in every picture I see of her! Happy 21st day, little star! Good luck with your solo outing. Don't worry, it's going to be great. Nothing to it! You can do anything, remember? You made a person, for heaven's sake!!

Susan R. Mills said…
Beautiful baby! And congratulations.

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