TMI Thursday: Friday Morning Edition

I think I need to re-name TMI Thursday, because my weekly overshare often gets posted late or not at all. Hmm... I've been using TMI Thursday: Friday Morning Edition. Does this suffice? Discuss in the comments section. I'm opening to suggestions... perhaps I need a catchy title for each day of the week, just in case the mood strikes.

I'm thinking:

Way Too Much Info on Wednesday
More than You Needed to Know Monday
Forgot my Filter Friday
Soooo Didn't Need to Go There Saturday

Oooh, I like those!

I was all set to write a TMI post yesterday, but I liked the 2010 Meme so much that I didn't want to have a newer post in front of it, shoving said meme to the back burner. Do you ever do that -- like your current post enough to put off publishing another? Er, maybe it's just me.


This is my bossman. He. is. hilarious. However... I think he lacks a paternal gene. (No, in real life I truly think he will be a super fun dad. And he's sweet to his dogs, which is a good sign for his future offspring.)

I enjoy many things about this man-in-power, but here are a few particulars:
1.) I told him that he kind of looks like Seth Rogen when he smiles, and though he stared at me blankly and walked away, he wasn't mad. I could tell.

2.) We had many conversations about my pregnancy. They were all sooo wrong... like the time he said, "What if, when the baby comes out, it just like, turns into DUST."

3.) Because I was pretend-offended that he may or may have not put dust-voodoo on my pregnancy, I told him repeatedly that I hoped that, when my water broke, I happened to be standing in his office.

4.) I told him about it when I lost my mucus plug and tried to explain what that meant. I told him to google it and he did.

5.) He was prepared to drive me to the hospital if I went into labor at work. He's kind of a neatspice freak about his ride, so I suggested loading up the backseat with beacoup towels. Also, I tried to warn him with worst case scenarios... "Um, so, what if your car stalls on the highway, and the baby is coming, and you have no choice but to deliver it?"

6.) His reply, "I've thought of this. I've watched those shows. It doesn't look hard."

7.) When I posted the link to Stella's newborn hospital-photo-shoot-slideshow, I had a facebook message from him that said, "Thank God! She isn't ugly."

8.) The next line? Something about the ones of her yawning being "special." See... he does have a heart.

9.) When I did finally go into labor, my plan was to text him a picture of a broken glass of water (get it... broken water?!) but that was waaay complicated in the midst of contractions. I couldn't even text at all. I just left him a boring voicemail instead.

10.) He turned 30 over the summer. We got him a cake shaped like a tombstone, and in icing-words, "R.I.P. Bossman's Twenties." My idea, obvi. Yeeeah.

Have a great weekend! And to my new follower(s?) from the December 2010 message board on The Bump... please don't run away screaming. This blog isn't meant to offend; it's goal and mission is to make you grin. Especially on TMI ThursFriday.


Haha! I love your boss, he is funny in one of those non-funny guy kind of ways.
Oh gosh- good luck on not offending your bump followers. They are a tricky crowd from what I understand!
Please continue to say what you want. I like it and would be mad if you went all soft on us....
Christine Danek said…
This is hilarious. I love the response to him possibly delivering doesn't look too hard." I'm still cracking up over that. Your daughter is beautiful.
Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Wow, that's the most awesome picture of Steve ever. And when I read about the dust I could hear him say it. Freaky.
Susan R. Mills said…
Sounds like a great boss! I never had one quite like that. You are lucky.
That is so flipping hilarious! My boss is like 500 years old and we never have conversations about my pregnancy. I honestly thinks he just assumes I'm getting fat.
Okay, he's like 60. But still, not as fun. :)
Kay-tee said…
i like #6 ... it made me lol
Jennie Bailey said…
I think I peed a little reading this (the whole thing not just the back and forth with Bossman). By the gods, you are too funny. And I'm loving Bossman. If I wasn't married, I'd be pushing you for a hook-up. Okay, maybe not. But you had me at how he treats his dogs...that and a sense of humor, what more do you need in a man?
Lisa Gail Green said…
I love it! That's hysterical. Sounds like a fun boss to have. :D Beautiful baby btw. Congrats!

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