TMI Thursday: a virtual, vocal #facepalm

oh, the humanity.

Several months ago Close to a year ago, I had a bloggy birthday giveaway -- and was so excited to award Tina Sandoval with the prize package -- there was a $25 VISA gift card, a love quote frame, and a few other lovely items which I sent her way.

Howevs, there was one item I could not ship via US Mail. See, I (ridiculously) promised that I would vlog a karaoke dedication to my giveaway winner.

And how hard could that be? I'd have some drinks, get a friend to hit record on a digi camera, and sing my little heart out to some Lisa Loeb or something.

Yeaaah... and then I got preggers. And there was no way I was doing that shit stone-cold-sober.

So, sadly, I'm yet to make good on the karaoke promise.

Until now.


See, I couldn't bring myself to show my own face on the video. (You didn't want to see me anyway. New baby + maternity leave does not equal a shower every day. Trust.)

Here are more reasons that said sing-song is highly humiliating:

* I sang in the privacy of my own home, with no one but a 5 week old baby to judge me, and this was the best I did.

* There may or may not have been multiple takes, and this may or may not have been the best one.

* Also, the song is SUPER corny. I mean, I'm a new Mom and even I think so.

* That doesn't mean that I didn't get hella choked up while dazzling you with my pipes... yeah, we'll blame my horrid high notes on emotion.

So, I know that sappy country music isn't Tina's favorite genre... but, she has a daughter whom she loves and adores -- so I hope this tune makes her smile. Or laugh. Hysterically.

(I shall never be the next American Idol, but... I've sounded worse.)

Note to self: never again promise to vlogspice myself singing karaoke and then completely cop-out.

Song: In my Daughter's Eyes, usually sung by Martina McBride...
and in my defense, it's kind of a hard song to sing.
And stuff,


You have such a pretty voice!!!!! Kudos to you for posting this! I loved it! :)
Plamena Schmidt said…
I love that song, and I don't think it's cheesy : )
saucyminx410 said…
You are awesome. Plain and simple. Kudos to you!
Ashley Stone said…
You sound great mama!!! Jan Gibson would be proud. ; ) And it's sooo sweet, I love that song! Totally gets to me and I don't even have kids. Hope your little Stella is feeling better. xoxox
Sierra Godfrey said…
And yet, your voice is really lovely indeed. Did you know that?

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