the end of the beginning

I'm kind of sadspice.
I go back to work Tuesday.

Stella will still have another week before she starts daycare, as hubs is taking a vacay week next week to stay home with her, which means we'll all be home together this weekend and on Monday.

Soooo.... my point being... today is my last day of just Stella & me at home.

Maternity leave pretty much rocked. I mean, I guess it's kind of like being in labor... it isn't so wonderful while you're in the midst of it, but looking back... it was amazing.

There were moments during those days alone when she was fussy and I was exhausted that I just wanted to trade places with my husband and RUN back to work to get a break, some adult interaction, a full night's sleep (yeah, he gets that. I let him sleep, because I might be dog tired but I'm still a control freak.)

But, now that it's basically over I feel like maternity leave was the most precious time. I will never get to spend that much time with her allatonce -- seriously, maybe never again. Yeah, I'll have vacation weeks and stuff... but I'll never be off work for EIGHT weeks again.

(Unless I pop out another peanut.)

(Perish the thought. My checkbook can NOT handle that.)

(In fact, I told hubs that we might get to "do it" again on [or around] Valentine's Day, but that if we did he had to wear, like, four condoms.)

I digress.

Stella is awesomely adorable, and I really did treasure this special bonding time. And, to be honest, I'm looking forward to her leaving the "infant" phase and growing into the "baby" phase: rolling over, crawling, saying her first word, laughing...

Dude. Being a mom is kind of fantastic.

Perhaps when I go back to work I'll have other things to blog about besides this wonderful girl.

Future topics may include:

becoming a recessionista
american idol
post partum weight loss
the first time i eat sushi and get drunk post baby (cause that's overdue!)
my friends upcoming cruise-wedding
vacationgate 2011
ways i entertain myself for free
breast pumping at work: because you KNOW that is going to be interesting.

happy weekending!


Travener said…
Has your little one given you a genuine smile yet, the one where you know for sure that she recognizes you? That's a magic moment.

Gosh, back to work already? Too bad we're not more like horriblesocialistnasty Europe, where you'd get a year off. With pay.

Take care, kiddo.
Jen Daiker said…
I see a lot of awesome on the way!! Stella is a gorgeous baby!!! I'm sure the first day will be the hardest but I know you'll be home to that baby in a heartbeat to give her the love she will have missed throughout the day!

Can't wait for some AWESOME stuff to come in 2011.
~*~Lilly~*~ said…
Awww you just made my uterus skip a beat! (and i could possible had a few seconds of baby fever!) She is adorable :)
Susan R. Mills said…
She's adorable. I see why you aren't ready to go back to work.
Teaberry said…
Yes-- I felt the exact same way when I had to return to work. Very bummed... I even cried a little on my first day.

If it's any consolation, Lucas LOVES going to his daycare. I sort of view it like his needing to go to "work", too... He has all his little friends there and the fun ladies to play with. I think he actually misses it by Monday morning and is ready to go back.

At least that's what I tell myself.
Simon C. Larter said…
Kids are the awesomespice. Adult interaction is overrated.

Alcohol, on the other hand, isn't given enough credit for how awesome it is. Enjoy your first sushi and sake experience post-partum, m'dear.

Little Ms J said…
Aw, I love this! I'm pregnant with my first and I technically get 12 weeks maternity, although the flavor in the office is that they'd prefer I didn't take it all. You're so right - I will never have that time again.
Sarah Huelsman said…
I want to hear about how the pumping goes at work. I am so worried if I'll be able to make it work or not.

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