french vanilla... or hazelnut?

"Who IS this woman holding me? I don't even know her anymore!"
Clearly, I've had no time to blog since returning to the working world last Tuesday.

Le sigh. Any free time I have in the morning and evenings is reserved for Stella. God, the guilt of being away from her for so many hours SUCKS. I know it will be even harder when she's a little older and screams, "Mommy, nooooOOOO! Don't leave meeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Hubs was home with Stella last week, but she starts day care tomorrow. I'm a little concerned about how on earth I am going to get the two of us out the door, drop her off, and still and make it to work by 8:15 in the morning. (Let's just be honest. I pretty much know I'll be late to work tomorrow, since it will be our first try... but I'm talking about how in the hell I'm going to do it everysingledayspice.)

Anywhine, going back to work was a bit stressful, but not completely horrible. Trying to catch up on 8 weeks worth of bank-y changes, bank-y emails, and bank-y gossip is bound to take a little time and several hundred deep breaths.


I'm trying to make breastpumping at work as easy on everyone as it can be. I pump once mid-morning, take lunch 3-4 hours later, and then I can wait to pump again when I get home in the evening. (Or, as hubs puts it, I can just "give Stella the boobie" at that point, if she's ready to eat.)

So, on my first day back, I informed the co-ed staff of my impending pumping-routine-idea. My boss, a fan of the multi-task, suggested that I stand in the lobby and greet bank clients while pumping.

I scanned the bank branch and my eyes landed on our Keurig.

"Yeah, I'll get right on that. I'll stand by the coffee and I'll be the cream."


lol, gross! :) But, maybe not to Stella! It sounds like you have a fun office. Hope this week goes well for you!!
Travener said…
LOL. Free caffe latte with all new accounts!
pinkflipflops said…
hahaha that will keep the grumpy old man moving fast in the bank for sure!!! ;)
pinkflipflops said…
by man i meant men cuz there are always grumpy old men in my branch when i go in and lately it takes all my patience not to yell at them.
Ashley Stone said…
hope your days back at the bank are going well. I'll be sure to steer clear of the coffee next time I'm in there. haha ; )
Jen Daiker said…
I'm visiting just to say hello and that I miss you. I wanted to make sure I haven't missed a ton of blog posts having been so distant lately!

Still thinking of you and hope you and the little bundle of joy are having the time of your life!

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