sick little baby: i just wanted to take her place

thankful that Stella is all better now!
Well, I thought I would just be able to blog my little heart out all the way through my maternity leave. Whoops. 

Yeah, I'm behind again! After I posted my stellar-musical-performance, all hell broke loose in the Murphy household.

My husband had been sick. I got sick. Then, the baby got sick.

It was just over a week ago on a Saturday evening when I took her rectal temp to try to make her go poopie... and was shocked that the digital readout said she had a fever of 101.7! (They don't want little babes to have anything over 100.4.)

We ended up taking Stella to the emergency room -- thankfully, there's a nice, new offshoot of Kosair Children's Hospital (which is alltheway downtown) out in our neck of the woods.

After several hours, a urine cath, blood drawn, an IV in the back of my baby's hand, and a chest x-ray, they ruled out flu and RSV. Next, we had two options: IV antibiotics for 14 days OR a spinal tap to check her spinal fluid for bacteria.

The doctor reccomended the spinal, so we had to put our poor little baby through it.

Thankfully, it just ended up being an upper respiratory infection. Basically, she got the same thing that my husband and I had come down with. We were thankful that we got to take her back home with us that night -- the nurses told us that generally babies that young have to be admitted to the hospital, which means they have to go downtown to the main facility by ambulance!

Still, I don't ever want her to be sick again. Can I work that out?!

Sigh. I'm off to catch up on your blogs, assuming Stella sleeps a little longer. I missed the bloggy world, just like I always do during hiatus.

Did anything exciting happen to you since we last talked?


KLo said…
So glad Stella is better : ) There is nothing scarier than a sick child, and the most frustrating part, as you noted, is that most parents would gladly trade places if it were possible.
Awwww, poor Stella! I cannot imagine, I freak if one of the dogs is sick or begins acting abnormal... what am I going to be like with my child?!
I'm so glad she is better!
pinkflipflops said…
awwww... hope she feels better soon!
Travener said…
Yes, a sick baby is a scary thing, thouch actually babies are better at fending off fevers than adults (can tolerate higher temps before they get dangerous). Glad to hear the tyke's feeling better. Hope the weather warms up your way soon. The crocuses are already pushing up through the dirt here, giving us a hint that spring's on the way.
Ashley Stone said…
aw I'm so glad she's feeling better! And she looks so cute in the headband!!!! : )
Sierra Godfrey said…
I'm a little disturbed that your doctor recommended a SPINAL TAP on a kid less than three months old, not to mention an IV and catheter...gosh. Fevers are common. She's going to have five million of them. Wait til she goes to daycare.

Oh yesspice.

Think about NOT taking her to the emergency room next time....fevers are not bad, they're an indicator of the body fighting off a thing. I always heard for babies it was anything about 103-104 you really need to start being concerned with.

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