belated irish

Things sure change in a year's time.

Here, hubs and I celebrated at the St. Patrick's Day parade in 2010:

I'm pretty sure it was beer-thirty in this picture.

Here we are, parading in 2011!

Guess which breastfeeding mom was the designated driver?

We are breaking Stella in early so that she knows what to expect with the Murphy side of the family.

Also, I considered putting green food coloring in her bottle, but then wondered if that might not be the best idea.

I intend to write an actual, real blog post next week -- you know, one that has more words than photos. I have many post-partum shennanigans to share.

I shall return.


Laurel Garver said…
Looks like you had a grand, green time at the parade. How's the adjustment of returning to work going? Miss ya, girl!
Shain Brown said…
Glad to see things are going so well, and I am looking forward to those shenanigans.
It is wise to start the kids early in order for the to appriciate the significance of the "big" Holidays.
Looking forward to hearing all about your shenans. Eagerly awaiting more blogging! (hint. hint. like you have nothing more important to do!)

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