Well, Stella now has her driver's license...

I haven't blogged in about a hundred years.

I'm very broken up about it. I've missed it terribly.

Stella is keeping me busy every moment.

(Well, Stella and my breastpump and the endless bottle washing and rocking and sing-songing and diaper changing and cooing and oohing and ahhing...)

Yeah, so, mostly Stella.

Look how she's grownspice!

Remember this little December peanut?


Here's her most recent glamour shot. :)


How are you people doing?
What'd I miss?


Vicki Rocho said…
Wow, she really has grown! Such a cutie and this is such a fun age!
Little Ms J said…
My little girl is due Mother's Day. I keep thinking that my brain will come back after she's born and I'll get to writing again. Silly, hm?

Your little Stella is adorable!
Jenna Wallace said…
Hey! We missed you! But I figured you're just storing up a whole bunch of TMI Thursday posts.

Stella's gorgeous. If I had to choose between blogging and Stella, she'd win. Hands down.
jayme said…
what a doll! i love her!! and so excited that we get to paaarttyyy tomorrow!! whoop whoop!
Ashley Stone said…
aw she's getting so big, so sweet!
Travener said…
Miss cutie-pie! What have you missed? The usual travails. Hope you get a chance to post a bit more as the days go on. You think she's cute now? Wait till she starts talking!
Time goes too fast and they grow up way too quickly! Don't feel guilty about working. I was a stay at home mom and now I am a single mom and I feel guilty that I didn't keep a job/career going to be able to financially support my kids on my own. Their dad went AWOL and took child support with him. I am glad I was able to stay at home with them when they were little, (they are 17, 14, and 12 now), but you are smart to keep your independence and career going. You aren't leaving and doing that to her, but for her, especially as a strong role model!

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