the (boobie) juice bar is now closed.

I've given up breastfeeding. I lasted four and a half months.

In truth, I've mostly just been breastpumping, because my supply was never extensive enough to keep up with Stella. For weeks now, I've been pumping less and less milk... it just wasn't there. And it wasn't worth the time it takes (5 to 6 pumping sessions a day @ about 30 minutes each = time I could be playing with Stella. Or sleeping.)

I did nurse her sometimes, and I thought I wanted to have "one more" nursing session with the knowledge that it would be the very last time I would feed her from my breast. I knew it would be hard, emotionally, so I decided to forget it. Usually, I'm a sucker for anything that will make me feel sappy and require Kleenex. But I'll always have fond memories of the last time...

The last time I nursed her was a couple of weeks ago. She had the flu, and she wouldn't take her bottle. I literally had to force her to eat; she was only getting an ounce or so per feeding instead of her usual sucking-down of 5 ounces.

She would nurse, though she probably just got a couple of ounces at a time from my breast. I proudly believe that it may have prevented dehydration. I patted myself on the back for being able to provide her anything at all. See, I'd almost given up breastfeeding a couple of weeks before that, and I was just extremely thankful that I hung on a little longer, and was there when she needed me most.

Sigh. I didn't mean for this post to be all about my boobie juice. Oops.

My intention was just to tell the bloggy world that since I'm no longer permanently attached to my breast pump, I hope that I'll have the time to blog more often.

Because I miss you people. And I miss writing. And showing off Stella!

Easter with Carley and Clayton. (P.S. She was supposed to wear that dress for her hospital photo. It finally fits!)

First time eating ceral. Also, a snot rocket.

Little Stella Cottontail. Re: Easter with hubs family.

Four months old back on April 14th. She's getting more interested in our dog, Carson!


MJenks said…
As far as breastfeeding, my wife couldn't provide enough milk for either child, either. They grew up just fine. So, don't let that get you down or anything.

On the other hand, more exposure to Amber via the interwebs? Awesome.
Matthew MacNish said…
Both my children were only breast fed for a few days, after that it was formula.

Have you seen that episode of the Office when Jim and Pam struggle to breastfeed? Awkward!
Travener said…
Always happy to hear about your boobies, in any context.

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