doom and gloom

if the world ends tomorrow...

i'll never have to pay another bill.
i'll never have to clean the house.
i'll never have to worry about losing the baby weight.
i'll never have to work for the next paycheck.
i'll never have another scary dream.

but, if the world ends tomorrow...

i'll never get to finish my novel.
i'll never get to fly on an airplane.
i'll never get to travel to another country.
i'll never get to see my grandma again.
i'll never get to try Old Chicago Pizza.
i'll never know who would have won American Idol. (though i'll die knowing it should have been Haley.)]

most importantly,

i'll never get to see Stella grow up.

So, come on, world.

Don't end tomorrow.


Sierra Godfrey said…
I was thinking this same thing today, except about my own babies...and also I thought how much it would SUCK if the world ended before I could get a full nights' sleep again.
Travener said…
I was hoping to lose some weight before I went Rapturing out of my clothes, but...not enough time.

Anyway, I don't think the world comes to an end all at once. You gotta have war, pestilence, famine and that other Horseman of the Apocalypse riding around for awhile.

However, shoult you hear Gabriel's trumpet blowing today, race down to Blockbuster and rent "The Rapture" while you still can...

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