i'm cool now.

Derby Schmerby.

I'm like a kid at Christmas. I finally got an iPhone this weekend. It's my first smartphone and stuff, so I'm literally giddy with excitement.

(It's SO easy to text people now!)

The only problem is an ache in my neck from spending the entire weekend looking down at the screen... uploading apps, checking facebook, sending a casual tweet...

I'm completely addicted to Words with Friends. Completely.

What are your favorite apps? Is your smartphone a huge timesuck? Don't you think that an iPhone was the perfect 1st Mothers Day gift to myself?

Gotta go. I want to play some Lemonade Tycoon before I head back to work, and I only have about 15 minutes left on my lunch hour.


MJenks said…
You should have totally gotten yourself a Nook. From somewhere in North Carolina. *shifty-eyed*
I love playing WWF with you! In fact, I'm heading over to play my turn now...
I just got an iphone a few weeks ago and feel the SAME WAY!
I love WWF too- my favorite game!

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