picking up the pen; i'm writing again

I'm getting a little lost in a world of diapers and daycare.

So I decided to start writing again.

I've revamped my WIP and it feels amazing to work on it. I struggle with every sentence. I have this issue with perfection; I don't just want to spill it out. Stooopid.

Before I got pregnant (or maybe while I was, I don't remember) I had an idea that I felt would take my WIP to a better place: a mysterious narrator, with a payoff for the reader at the end.

So, I'm working with this idea, and playing with the ways to include narration without overtaking the "present action" (I'm generally a past-tense writer, so saying "present action" always seems funny and false to me.)

And, I'm trying to be a more scene-oriented writer. When I read, I find it very irritating when a writer chooses to skip time without so much as a paragraph break. Yet when I look at the chunks of text I've already written, I find I do it, too.

So, I'm off to work a bit. I have the morning off from work, and Stella is playing in her crib. I'm learning that it's okay for me to refrain from entertaining her everysinglesecond.

But, I'm also learning that it's hard to focus when she's in earshot, making cutespice babbling noises and blowing raspberries.


Jessica Bell said…
Aw, I imagine this is going to be a challenge for you! But you'll do it. You'll find your headspace again! Good on you!
Travener said…
Excellent news -- back to the grind!
Ashley Stone said…
Happy Writing!!!!! xoxo

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